the store opens air service

A key element in the discount chain market are services that are not commonly offered by retail chains.

Another characteristic of Costco is its diversification, which is why it has launched in businesses that have no waste.

Costco’s capacity has not only extended it in its product offering, but also in services, as we are seeing with aircraft rentals.

A Costco membership is all you need to be able to fly on private flights, after the famous chain of price club stores launched this service.

The bases of this new. services are simple, you simply have to pay 17 thousand 499 dollars to become a creditor of the membership for a year that includes a credit of 4 thousand dollars on flights and 3 thousand 300 dollars to spend at Costco, only that this expensive registration does not include the cost of flights, which can range from $ 4,695 per hour to around $ 8,000.


Private flights in contingency

Private flights have become an excellent alternative during this contingency for people with the possibility of carrying them out, especially because of the high cost they have and because they are a great alternative to carry out tourist routes, for example.

Faced with this scenario, an element that we cannot lose sight of today is the ability of a brand to innovate and, most importantly, to achieve consolidation in the market, with the help of tasks increasingly thought about the technology with which it count.

Airlines, key companies in contingency

Airlines have been protagonists during this contingency not only because of the negative impact they have received, but also because they have become a key alternative for e-commerce brands.

We saw the best case with Mercado Libre, when this platform announced that it would have an air fleet to meet the demand that its platform has had.

Another great example we have seen in this regard has been Clorox, when the company recognized that the logistics of its products by plane had been fundamental in its business.

New habits

Given the health contingency that is being experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic, an interesting phenomenon has been patented that tells us about the new habits that consumers are forming, especially since they have had to do activities with which they have sought to avoid the contagion of the pathogen that has impacted the world.

Faced with this scenario, an element that we must not lose sight of today has to do with innovation and how brands are rethinking the management of ideas at a time when brands have to take on more and more new challenges, such as adjusting their income and machinery to a lower number of passengers, in the case of airlines, while brands have had to migrate to digital as part of the efforts they have to make in the market.

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