The state attorney general, positive for coronavirus

Dolores Delgado, state attorney general, is infected with coronavirus. The former Minister of Justice began to feel bad this morning and was transferred to a hospital in Madrid where the tests that confirmed the positive in Covid-19 have been carried out. At the moment she only has mild symptoms of the infection.

The Attorney General’s Office has not yet assessed how this situation will affect Delgado’s ordinary work at the head of the Public Ministry, waiting to know how the events unfold, according to the sources consulted by Europa Press.

Delgado has been the State Attorney General since February of this year, when the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, appointed her to the position after having had her as Minister of Justice during his first term. Career prosecutor, Dolores Delgado was a PSOE candidate for Madrid in the general elections of November 10, 2019.

Her past as Sánchez’s minister and as a socialist candidate tarnished her appointment as state attorney general. The General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) granted the green light to the proposal that Dolores Delgado be the State Attorney General with the rejection of 7 of its members for their lack of suitability for the position. Never before has a state attorney general garnered so much rejection in the governing body of the judges.

More than 1.5 million infected

The current State Attorney General has not been the only political personality of the Pedro Sánchez Government Administration to contract the coronavirus. Carmen Calvo, First Vice President of the Government, Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, and Carolina Darias, Minister of Territorial Policy, also tested positive. It was days after they attended the 8M feminist demonstration. That same day other rallies were called in various parts of Spain despite the threat of the pandemic.

Spain has exceeded one and a half million people infected by coronavirus this week, reaching 1,510,023 positive cases, 5,897 in the last 24 hours, as revealed by the Salvador Illa Ministry of Health in its latest report. In addition, the incidence of infections in Spain in 465.86 per 100,000 inhabitants. Deaths from the pandemic in our country exceed 56,000 dead.

Health also reported the 20,007 patients who are admitted for coronavirus throughout Spain and 3,127 in the ICU, although in the last 24 hours there have been 2,022 admissions and 2,420 discharges. The occupancy rate of beds occupied by coronavirus already stands at 16.13 percent and in ICUs at 32.31 percent.

Of the 5,897 infections registered on the last day, 1,407 have been located in Catalonia (285,993 in total) and 1,255 in Madrid (334,655), while 332 have been detected in Andalusia (202,491), 370 in Aragon (69,196), 274 in Asturias (19,414), 99 in the Balearic Islands (22,204), 64 in the Canary Islands (19,456), 238 in Cantabria (13,473), 90 in Castilla-La Mancha (78,735), nine in Castilla y León (109,973), 35 in Ceuta (2,533) , 66 in the Valencian Community (85,879), 179 in Extremadura (26,312), 441 in Galicia (44,182), 17 in Melilla (3,728), 48 in Murcia (50,298), 138 in Navarra (38,011), 766 in the Basque Country (88,109) ) and 60 in La Rioja (15,381).