The stage of dominance of the Big 3 in tennis is over

We knew that at some point it would happen, but our mind refuses to think that the final goodbye has arrived. Daniil Medvedev has managed to break a historical dynamic, being the first young player who has managed to win a Grand Slam and break the dominance of the Big 3 in Grand Slam tournaments, previously discussed by players of previous generations, such as Murray, Del Potro, Wawrinka, Cilic or Thiem. The Russian’s triumph is the first obvious sign that the definitive generational handover is near, if not already occurred, and his success can instill tremendous morale in his contemporaries to definitively address the apparently eternal supremacy of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. So he thinks Tood Woodbridge, a men’s doubles legend and accomplished tennis analyst, who reflects on all of this on

“Things are going to be very different from now on, the trend in world tennis has changed with this triumph,” the former Australian tennis player began. “I do not think that Djokovic will enter a total crisis that will prevent him from fighting to add more titles, but it will be much more difficult for him. Also, I think that if Rafa and Roger retire or start playing less, that will hurt a lot to the Serbian because he needs the motivation to fight them head-to-head for the goal of being the tennis player who wins the most Grand Slam titles. In my opinion, this tournament is a turning point in tennis history that marks the end of the season. It was from the Big 3 “, reveals.

And it is that Woodbridge believes that once the glass ceiling that sheltered the young is broken, there will be a domino effect in which the hopefuls for glory will believe more in their possibilities when they see that Medvedev has already achieved it. “This generation of young people perceives themselves as the call to dominate tennis for years to come. Novak may be able to fight for one or two more trophies of this level, but what happened in this tournament is going to take its toll,” Todd said. , with words of praise towards the Russian. “He knew what he had to do at all times so that the pressure and nerves ate at the Serbian,” he declares.

Woodbridge analyzed Djokovic’s excitement on the track and his options for short-term success

“I feel like we’ve been able to see the more human side of Novak Djokovic as we had never seen him, the one that was hidden in his aura of invincibility. When an elite athlete breaks down in that way, it is not easy to recover mentally. Once I start to see that his dominance is waning, I have doubts that he can maintain the same competitive intensity and concentration. I think if he doesn’t win the Australian Open 2022 He will have many internal doubts about the viability of continuing to win Grand Slam titles, “said the former Australian tennis player, whose vision must be taken into account since Todd Woodbridge get used to interpreting tennis news very well.

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