It is now 52 years ago that the former Czechoslovakia underwent an attempt to liberalize against Soviet rule and is known as the Prague spring. Street protests and resistance to Moscow’s attempt to impose its immobility served as inspiration for subsequent events, which took place in May 68 its great exponent. While the USSR military believed in January of that year that in four days they could restore normality to the country, the resistance dragged on for eight months. The opening spring of Prague, which had exceptional witnesses such as that of the Spanish writer Miguel Delibes dedicated to him by an extensive report in the magazine Triunfo, became an example of a peaceful demonstration against communism born in the discontent of civil society and which had its consummation in the Velvet Revolution twenty years later. That Prague Spring served to baptize the Spring of the Masks Here in Spain.

The protests hatched ten days ago in Spain with the citizen uprising against a government in the hands of socialists and communists are the reaction to the sacrifice of rights and freedoms imposed by Sanchez and Churches they thought was going to be free. Although it is true that in other parts of Europe and America there have been protests against the specific confinement decreed by the authorities, the Spaniards who go out to express their discontent do so because they are aware that the state of alarm has been an instrument to impose a state of abuse on Spanish society by the PSOE and We can. The caceroladas and the protests are the escape valve of a citizenry dissatisfied with the democratic decline experienced in Spain in the last two months. Here we begin with the restriction of movements that was imposed more than two months ago – showing complete mistrust in citizenship -, it was followed by the limitation on economic freedom, censorship of the media and the right to information of the citizens. It does not make sense that while many of the Spanish are in phase II of the lack of understanding with all that this implies in daily life, the Prime Minister continues to be installed in phase 0 in his relations with the media.

It cannot be overlooked that Pedro Sánchez is the only president of the western world who still does not attend directly to the media, who does not admit being questioned by journalists for his usual style of avoiding certain issues. The President of the United States, Donald trump, he will have all the unimaginable eccentricities, but he constantly appears wherever he is at his usual appointment with the media, face to face, without propaganda commissioners who filter his questions and journalists who have not found an answer to his question, can question again until Trump is tired or exhausted. In addition, Sánchez and Iglesias have established a ridiculous raffle system, inexplicably accepted by journalistic collectives, through which only a few media can ask. Coincidence or not, there is always a majority of uncritical means when it comes to asking.

In this last week of May, Spain is the only country in Western Europe that maintains a state of alarm over its entire population. As much as the Government is determined to whitewash this exceptional figure, its use is a demonstration of a blind distrust of citizens and their habitual civic and responsible behavior. Faced with the attempt to confine the population, the popular opposition and its fraternization with the protests taking place in other cities will be increasing. A citizenry that has made the song “Libre” by Nino Bravo dedicated to the first victim who died trying to cross the Berlin wall. A sign that citizenship was confined, but was not delivered.