The coronavirus crisis that keeps everyone on edge is bringing out the most human side of athletes. Mostly accused of living isolated from the problems of ordinary people, the world of sports has wanted to show its most supportive side and get involved in the fight against COVID-19. There are not a few characters related to football and basketball, especially, who have wanted to contribute their bit in trying to stop the pandemic.

Regarding football, the individual contributions of Pep Guardiola and Leo Messi. Each one has donated a million euros. In the case of the Manchester City coach, his donation has gone to the Barcelona College of Physicians, who will be in charge of buying medical supplies, such as gloves, masks and respirators. The Argentine star, meanwhile, has made a contribution that will go to the Barcelona Clinic and various medical centers in Argentina, where the pandemic has not come with such force.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent, Jorge MendesThey have not missed the opportunity to help in this crisis either. In this case, the two will provide three hospitals in Lisbon and Porto with the necessary equipment for 35 new ICU places, by the time the highest peak reaches Portugal.

Two other important contributions will be that of Sergio Ramos and the Real Madrid squad through Unicef. The Madrid central, as ambassador of the organization, launched a campaign on social networks and announced that “the material arrives on Friday.” In total, the Madrid outfit have raised funds for 15,000 COVID-19 detection tests, 1,000 personal protective equipment, as well as 264,571 masks.

Own Real Madrid It has also joined the donations by committing itself to Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, to make a large donation in health matters. Without leaving the white club, Isco and Sara Sálamo They have set up a crowfunding that aims to reach 500,000 euros, in which several Madrid players have already participated.

In the Valencian Community, Peter Lim has reached an agreement with the Generalitat. The maximum shareholder of the set that has defrayed the cost of 50,000 masks and 300 thermometers. The Singaporean businessman has thus demonstrated his involvement with Valencian society, at a time when practically all of Spain is collapsed by the coronavirus and in which medical supplies are needed in large quantities.

Also Almería, the owner of the club, Turki Al-Sheik has decided to make one of the most significant donations so far in crisis. If to date He had contributed a total of 500,000 euros, but now he has decided to add another 700,000 more, which will be divided between food, sanitary material, workers who have lost their jobs and volunteers.

Fabio CannavaroFor his part, he has donated 30,000 masks to a hospital in Naples. Italy has been the main victim of the pandemic since it started in China in December and all aid is little. Thus, Insigne, Bernardeschi, the Milan squad or the president of InterSteven Zhang have made significant contributions.

Basketball and tennis join the aid

In the NBA the reactions have not been made wait either. The first positive for coronavirus of the league, Rudy Gobert, will contribute a total of $ 500,000 in aid to the employees of the stadium of the Utah Jazz, of the families of Utah, of those of Oklahoma City and for the French health system, the country from which it comes.

He is not the only one who has made his help. Several players from the best league in the world made a fund to pay the salaries of stadium employees, which will remain closed for the momentnto. Kevin Love or Blake Griffin They have supported this initiative, one of the only ones that has come out from the NBA.

Too Roger Federer He has shown his most caring side. Swiss tennis player and wife Mirka to donate one million swiss francs to the most affected families in the Swiss country.