Jaden Agassi is 18 years old and is a promise of baseball in the United States (perfectgame)

The couple that make up the former tennis players Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf total more than 20 Grand Slam tournaments. They are both racquet legends and either would suppose that would put great pressure on their children. However, far from feeling the obligation to have to continue the legacy of his parents, Jaden – the eldest son – has decided to take another path in the sport.

Jaden Agassi, 18, stands out in the baseball and it is one of the great promises of the United States in that discipline. A few months ago the young man signed a contract to play in the University of Southern California (USC), although his great dream is to be able to make the leap as soon as possible to the big leagues in the MLB.

The young man signed a contract to play at the University of Southern California (@XsparkBaseball)

Agassi’s illusion will have to wait at least one more year. After overcoming an operation on the elbow, He entered the MLB draft this year and was not selected. The athlete was harmed because, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, this year the selection process was via teleconference and had only five rounds, not the 40 that are usually carried out regularly.

Jaden was aware that the recent surgery and the reduced version of the national team were not working in his favor. Therefore he had considered the draft as his « Plan B ». Only in the next season will he be able to try to be chosen by a team to enter professionalism.

In any case, the tennis players’ son will continue with his « Plan A » and continue his career in the prestigious university league. Some time ago, he was selected by the USC after standing out as one of the great talents of the state of Nevada, where the Agassi-Graf family resides. There he played in Las Vegas Recruits, an academy that prepares baseball players to make their leap to University.

Jaden tried his luck in the MLB draft but was not chosen this year (@lvrbaseball)

« Something that marked me from my parents is their work ethic. It is a blessing to have learned that at such a young age. I really appreciate what it means to be the best at something, ”Jaden said a while ago in an interview on the official MLB site.

While Andre Agassi, his father, pointed out in that same article: « I am very proud of who he is. He has learned to make his own way and will make the effort necessary to earn his own. I am proud to just see it and it doesn’t have to be the best for me to enjoy it. ”


It is clear that neither Jaden nor his sister Jaz Elle (16 years old) will follow in their parents’ footsteps in tennis. That does not seem to generate any conflict in the legendary pair of former tennis players, who enjoy the great family present.


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