The spectator who caused the crash in the Tour: “I’m ashamed”

07/02/2021 at 11:09 CEST

The spectator who caused the tremendous crash of the peloton in the first stage of the Tour de France feels “ashamed” of her action and regrets having caused a terrible tragedy.

The fan appeared in the middle of the road with a banner that read “let’s go grandfather and grandmother”, a gesture that caused dozens of cyclists to fall and form a plug in the middle of the stage.

For now, the Tour announced that as an organization would not take legal action against the viewer in order to avoid a public lynching, since the case “was getting out of hand”. Even so, others could charge against a fan who could well have caused a misfortune.

Faced with such a commotion, the viewer wanted to apologize for her unfortunate action and thus avoid the public and media harassment to which she has been subjected in recent days.

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