The spectacular change in the eating routine of Gerard Deulofeu

06/09/2021 at 6:39 PM CEST

Gerard Deulofeu, who currently defends the colors of Udinese, has given an interview for the YouTube channel ‘Regenera’. Throughout the interview, the extreme trained at La Masía explained how the change in his eating habits and intermittent fasting have helped him recover from injuries and produce more energy.

Deulofeu began using these methods following a serious knee injury. “I started intermittently fasting a year and a half ago, after my knee injury. Like twice a day, because it is usually the time when I train, once with the team in the morning and another for knee recovery in the afternoon. On rest days, I eat once a day. Afterwards, I don’t have any physical activity, so that’s more than enough. “

This practice has not only made him improve physically, he has also begun to feel better mentally. “The first thing that comes to mind when talking about fasting is joy, tranquility and happiness. It’s an incredible feeling, it makes you feel special because you get more energy, you see everything more clearly, you have time for everything. The important thing is to feel good in everyday life, to wake up wanting to live, not to get tired, not to make excuses, to be positive. It has been 25 years since I felt this way, and now I realize that it is a wonderful feeling“.

Despite praising the benefits of intermittent fasting, Deulofeu has cautioned that it is not an easy process. “The first months were difficult. I started by doing every other day: day off, or two days inside, two days out. It may be strange to most people, but gives us the peace of mind that we do not have the stress of going to eat. I can go to the gym at 1pm and only eat at 5pm. There are much more important things to eat, but people prioritize that. My feeling is that I can go anywhere, I have energy for any type of training, I feel great and I recover better. “

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