06/25/2020 Luka Romero made history in the Spanish League with just 15 years (LALIGA)

“I have spoken to him a couple of times. I know that his family wants him to play for Argentina, it is an issue that has to be worked on, although we have the advantage that he is here, in Mallorca « . In dialogue with IB3 Television, Miquel Bestard, President of the Management Commission of the Royal Spanish Federation, put into words the steps that he had already begun in silence: the Spanish team seeks to retain the services of Luka Romero.

The fantasist born in Mexico, of an Argentine family and present in Spain is being seduced as happened with Lionel Messi in the beginning. La Pulga was forceful: after the video that came to the hands of Claudio Vivas (then Marcelo Bielsa’s field assistant in the Albiceleste team) and the management of Hugo Tocalli (with the consent of Julio Grondona) to summon him to a friendly against Paraguay, the current captain of Barcelona, ​​put on the Argentine jacket for the first time. And he did not succumb to the temptations of the Red: he played the South American Sub 20, won the World Cup in the category, won the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and has already participated in four World Cups for seniors.

Well, beyond the seduction game of Spain (from Mexico they also declared that they want to start a dialogue taking advantage of the fact that he was born in Durango, when his father Diego played in North America) everything indicates that Luka is following in the footsteps of Messi. The youngest footballer to debut in the Spanish League with 15 years and 229 days (it happened in the cross between Real Madrid and Mallorca last season), surpassing the mark that Francisco Sansón Bao (Celta) had held for 81 years, already He played the South American Sub 15 for the Albiceleste (he came out runner-up, behind Brazil).

But beyond their recent elections, in the Ezeiza estate they assure that they have a winning card: the desire of the youth. « My whole family is Aregentina, my dream is to wear the national team jersey, » he said repeatedly in the last interviews he gave. And endorse your will with the facts. As he could find out Infobae, Romero did not miss a talk by Zoom of those organized by Pablo Aimar, coach of the Sub 17 team, during the pandemic. And it is part of the team that the technical director has in mind, thinking about the South American in the category to be played between March 31 and April 25 in Ecuador.

“He has his grandfather, his uncles in Argentina. He always showed the desire to play in his National Team, the same ones that Messi always showed. Whoever knows him can tell you, « they told Infobae from the team of national teams.

If this is the case, when the COVID-19 crisis allows the return to the practices of the Argentine youth selected, the AFA will have to formally ask Mallorca to the footballer, who began to have greater continuity in the Balearic cast as a starter in the previous friendlies at the beginning of the Second Division of Spain (it descended in the last season. “I like him a lot, he’s young, I think we have a real pearl. I have fallen in love », praised it Luis Garcia Plaza, technical director of the team, who enjoys it on a daily basis with the squad. But when it comes to dressing a national team’s jacket … The feeling is that Romero has already chosen with his heart.