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Six reasons why you should keep your hair warm in winter

To show off your hair in winter, we already told you what the fashionable highlights will be according to your hair color this 2021. You also finally know what is the missing step in your washing ritual so that it lasts much longer clean, a pre-shampoo that purifies the scalp to the maximum. But, if despite all these cares you notice the tips drier than ever and the level of frizz out of control, you need to adapt your routine so that the polar cold, the wind and extreme temperature changes do not affect your locks. Discover why hot water is not good, no matter how much you feel like it in winter, the importance of the type of hats and scarves you wear when you leave the house and other easy gestures that you may not have known to protect your hair during the next months. VIEW GALLERY -Why your hair could be warning you that you are under stress 1. The perfect temperature is not hot There is nothing you want more when you walk into a frozen house than getting in the shower and turning the tap until the water comes out practically boiling. The bad news is that this winter pleasure is one of those that most spoils the locks: “It damages the skin of the scalp and inflames the sebaceous glands, causing, in the long run, the skin to dry out and even dandruff problems appear. Always remember rinse with lukewarm water “, advises Adolfo Remartínez, founder of Nuggela & Sulé. In addition, Modesta Cassinello, pharmacist and creator of the firm that bears her name, points out that neither extreme is good because “very high temperatures irritate the scalp while very low temperatures sometimes do not make the product work efficiently.” 2. The problem of the hairdryer “In summer you could do without it, but now it is part of your daily routine. Do you know what it does to your hair? It dries it in every way, weakens the keratin fibers, steals shine and degrades the color “, explains the Nuggela & Sulé expert, who recommends formulas such as the brand’s Total Hair Protector to shield the locks before using heat tools such as dryers or straighteners:” In addition, the direct flow of air inflames the scalp and hinders the blood microirrigation. This malnutrition of the hair bulb can cause falls. Thermal protectors are essential “. Another option that acts as a protective shield on your hair is Garnier’s new Original Remedies Non-rinse Repairing Treatment Honey Treasures, whose formula enriched with acacia honey and beeswax retains moisture, reduces breakage and promises a ‘sealing effect. ‘on split ends. VIEW GALLERY -This is how you should wash your hair if it falls out more than before 3. Change shampoo Like skin, which calls for richer and more nutritious creams during winter, hair also needs a little extra help to protect against to cold: “In winter, the hair needs formulas that provide hydration and take care of the fiber in depth. Nourishing shampoos are the best option because they also restructure and strengthen the hair”, clarifies Caroline Greyl, president of Leonor Greyl. Sonia Atanes, director of the SAHB taninoplasty salon, agrees with the expert of the French brand and adds that “changing the shampoo and conditioner is very important depending on the time of year. It is a mistake to always use the same one and hence the sizes sales are 250 or 300ml. The appropriate thing is to observe that our hair needs at all times, if protection, volume, nutrition, elasticity, hydration … “. 4. Extra hydration Nourishing masks, leave-in conditioning sprays, formulas with moisturizing active ingredients … A hair care ritual that includes these types of formulas not only helps to combat dryness and prevent the appearance of split ends, it also maintains Frizz at bay: “The sudden changes in temperature so typical of winter (3 degrees outside and 25 indoors) significantly affect the hair and cause it to lose hydration. Masks and conditioners are essential at this time of year” , says Adolfo Remartínez. As a separate help, the president of Leonor Greyl has a proposal: “To avoid frizz, nothing like spreading a light moisturizing spray without rinsing! On the hair. As many times a day as desired, because it will also keep it well hydrated and protected against the cold “. VIEW GALLERY -Do this before you wash your hair to have it beautiful (and without frizz) 5. The right outerwear Besides design or quality, the only thing you ask of a wool hat or a scarf is that they keep warm, However, your hair demands much more from winter fashion, such as being able to keep static electricity away: “It is greater in winter and you have to be careful with the synthetic materials that we put in contact with the hair through hats or scarves as they are great conductors of electricity. Boar bristle brushes are also essential to avoid it, as well as using more nutritious shampoos that add weight to the hair “, advise from Leonor Greyl. 6. The ‘pelazo’ diet To finish, the philosophy of you are what you eat is the correct one when it comes to taking care of your hair 365 days a year. The good news is that Modesta Cassinello points to the quintessential Spanish diet, the Mediterranean, as ideal to take care of yourself on the inside and to be noticed on the outside: “The Mediterranean diet is a very suitable eating pattern to take care of our skin and hair, in addition to be affordable for the family unit, “says the specialist. It also adds the multiple benefits it achieves throughout the body because “it takes into account the quality of the foods that are part of the diet, the moderation in the size of the servings, the maintenance of weight, the realization of physical exercise in a regular, good rest, correct hydration and adequate stress management and all these factors also influence the quality of the skin and hair “.