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SOS, you still have time to save your hair this spring

As they say, “spring alters blood” … and hair too! Surely this season you have noticed more hair in the brush, on your pillow when you wake up or when you shower, and maybe you start to worry. However, you must think that hair loss occurs in all people to some extent. Although we understand that alarms go off, since the mane is a very important part of our identity. But when is it normal and when should you start worrying? VIEW GALLERY Is it normal to lose hair in spring? This is a very frequent question, both in men and women, when we enter this station. For many, spring is their favorite season because the temperature begins to rise, the flowers make their triumphal entry, the days begin to get longer and we can almost, almost, smell summer. But, also, Spring-time for many people is synonymous with strong allergies, visible changes in the skin, itching and important changes in the hair. Yes, seasonal hair loss is real As it happens in autumn, in spring we go through a process of replacement due to changes in the hours of daily light, these alter the body’s biological clock and directly influence the regeneration process capillary. That is to say, this is a season in which the hair falls more because it goes through an important period of renewal and, also, you may notice it thinner and weaker. It seems dramatic, but the reality is that this is something that happens to all mammals this season. Hair loss in spring is a common process in which, for several weeks, we can lose between 200 and 400 hairs per day, approximately. Sounds like a lot, right? Do not panic, we have the solution for these days of halftime, a product with which you can strengthen your hair to turn it into hair from the inside. VIEW GALLERY Hair loss is an unpleasant sensation, but we have the solution to restore its splendor When hair loses volume and appears less dense, cells need a qualitative supply of micronutrients. At the core of this metabolism, zinc and vitamins (particularly those in group B) are extremely important. Therefore, more and more adherents to nutricosmetics that provide nutrients and vitamins to treat aesthetic issues from the inside. The PHYTO laboratory, with its Phytophanere treatment, is a pioneer in the market for food supplements to strengthen hair. VIEW GALLERY PHYTO did not wait for “edible beauty” to become fashionable to offer a solution for men and women seeking to enhance the well-being and vitality of their hair and nails from the inside. In 1980, the founder of the brand, Patrick Alès, focused on researching the impact of health on the appearance of hair. Since then, Phytophanere has been providing vitality to hair and nails for more than four decades thanks to vitamins B2, B5, B6, B8, C and E, zinc, oils and natural plant extracts as protagonists. Strength, growth and volume for your hair Faced with problems such as hair loss, one of the best solutions is to treat it from the inside. That is why in spring, when hair loss becomes noticeable, supplementing our daily care routine with nutritional supplements is vital. Phytophanere capsules are formulated with plant nutrients and extracts associated with minerals and vitamins to act on hair quality. With two capsules a day, preferably with a glass of water in the morning, Phytophanere provides strength to the hair. The result? A stronger, more radiant and beautiful mane. VIEW GALLERY Complete the pampering for your hair with a shampoo full of vitamins In this difficult season for our hair, the care does not have to remain only in vitamin supplements, we can enhance them with a routine that helps it strengthen from the outside and, this way, get an in & out treatment that alleviates the damage caused by renovations in spring. Our choice? The Vitality Fortifying Shampoo for daily use from the same Phytophanere line, by PHYTO. With this product with multiple vitamins you ensure a strong, flexible and radiant hair. The Vitality Fortifying Shampoo has been formulated with an ultra-soft base to respectfully wash the hair and scalp daily. To enhance the effects of the capsules, this shampoo is formulated with ginkgo and rice bran extracts along with a quinine extract, known for its stimulating and invigorating properties. The moment of washing will be a pleasure thanks to its fluid texture in amber tone and herbaceous and woody aromas.