The Spanish Music Federation reiterates to Iceta that the reopening of live music is “essential”


The Federation of Music of Spain (Es_Música) has “publicly welcomed” the new Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, reiterating that the reopening of live music is a “must”.

In a statement sent to Europa Press, the Federation has shown “total willingness to work together (with the minister) for the recovery and future” of the Spanish music industry. “Music is called to play a decisive role in the European strategy for recovery, transformation and resilience”, has recalled.

Es_Música has prepared a sector plan that will be presented to the new minister when the first meeting takes place, with measures and proposals to address the main challenges and opportunities in this sector, including the transposition of the copyright directive, sanitary protocols for de-escalation or fiscal measures.

“Es_Música invites the new minister to initiate dialogue and collaboration, to provide practical information and proposals from the reality of the music sector”, they have pointed out, to later highlight that it is “It is essential to move towards the safe reopening of live music. “

“But also improve the current regulatory framework and develop measures that promote the competitiveness of creators, professionals and companies that make up the music sector in Spain. Given the nature and characteristics of the sector, it is necessary for music to have specific policies within the Ministry, as is already the case with the cinema or theater and performing arts sector.“, it is finished.

This request from the sector for Iceta joins that of the musical promoters, who expect from the future Minister of Culture and Sports, “a cultured person with a sensitivity to music“, much more understanding and closeness to the challenges of live music.

“We are aware that the new minister is a cultured person with a sensitivity for music and precisely for that reason we expect much more understanding and closeness with the challenges of live music, especially with the problem of resale, exceptional direct aid to the sector or the reduction of cultural VAT “, The president of the Association of Musical Promoters, Albert Salmerón, has pointed out in statements to Europa Press.

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