The Spanish María Xiao reacts in the best way to a controversial headline about her

Maria Xiao, during a match. (Photo: JUNG YEON-JE via . via .)

The Spanish María Xiao, a table tennis player, reacted this Thursday to a headline in the Marca newspaper about her that had generated a huge controversy.

The news item in question showed Pedri, from the Spanish soccer team, playing table tennis with Xiao and the tweet that has generated numerous criticisms said: “This kid does everything well: Pedri’s point against a Spanish table tennis Olympics ”.

Many were upset that, while he was identified by the name, she was treated as a simple “Spanish Olympian.”

After that, Xiao replied in a very simple way: “Hello @MARCATV, the Spanish Olympian is me and my name is María Xiao. Thanks!”.

It is not the only headline about the Olympics that has caused controversy in recent hours.

Comedian David Broncano has also been very upset by a headline in La Razón that read: “Paula Badosa dazzles at the Tokyo Games. The tennis player, formerly of David Broncano, qualified this Tuesday for the quarterfinals of the Olympic Games ”.

“These MACHISTS consider that to talk about one of the best athletes in the world it is necessary to quote me, who am watching the Games lying on a sofa, just because I am a famous MAN. It is despicable and unfair, and it must stop now, “replied the comedian, who became a trending topic this Tuesday.

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