Although confinement keeps almost all Spaniards at home, the truth is that Tinder’s figures suggest that the service is more alive than ever. Not so much when it comes to dating, but rather the increased use that many are making of the messaging service included in the app.

And it is that according to official figures reported by the company itself, Spain is one of the countries where conversations have increased the most since the beginning of March (30%) and where conversations have lengthened on average (26%). What’s more, if you add the figures from around the world, on Sunday March 29 a record was broken within the app, which registered more than 3,000 million swipes.

Spain is followed by other confined countries that have also experienced growth, among which Italy, France and the United Kingdom stand out, with increases of 29%, 23% and 12%, respectively. However, Spain is the second country in Europe with the highest increase, only behind Italy with 28% in terms of the average duration of the talks, which remains at the mentioned 26%.

Tinder Passport and distance value

The company also points out that one of its newest features, Passport, which enables people to connect with it in other parts of the world even if they are not in the same physical location, has seen increased usage. These dates contrast with the statements of some Spanish users, who in conversations with pointed out that they had closed their account – at least temporarily – for fear of catching COVID-19.

Therefore, it seems that the trend is to focus the use of the app in conversations rather than in appointments, at least this is demonstrated by the data revealed today by the company and that will surely change as the restrictions are gradually lifted; Although one thing is clear: it will take a long time to recover normality, but that does not mean that the Spanish and the Spanish have given up on Tinder.

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