There are sports journalists who narrate in a special way the topics they cover. The chronicles, opinion articles or the news they sign exude nuances that make them different. Something is perceived that goes beyond the mere story. It is as if the rapporteur connects with the soul of the sport or the entity he is talking about. It happens then that, when meeting the texts, readers immediately perceive the uniqueness of the matter. It is not easy to find one. A series of virtues are difficult to conjugate in a person. And, above all, it takes an innate ability to capture the essence of what is before, to make the accurate analysis that the fan is waiting for or to provide an opinion that serves as a beacon to the fan in moments of anxiety.

The journalist Ramón Besa has all these characteristics. His texts compose a guide to understand an entity of the magnitude and complexity of Barcelona Football Club. To be able to count a club well, you have to start by loving and respecting it. And do it for real. If the scarf is worn with elegance and judgment – on the shoulders, for example – it brings many positive aspects to journalistic work.

Articles from Besa between 1995 and 1999 are collected in Del genio al malgenio (Dèria). A time that coincides with the end of the Culé team’s Dream Team and with the first years of digestion of a change in cycle. Cruyff, Romario, Laudrup, Koeman, Stoichkov, Robson, Ronaldo, Van Gaal … are some of the names that star in the chronicles. More than 20 years have passed since its publication and yet they read as if they were published yesterday. Neither the background nor the form age. Many of the athletes who have gone down in history owe a little of their greatness to those who have known how to narrate their deeds with the corresponding dose of epic. The same thing happens to football clubs. Romario or Ronaldo, in Besa’s words, are even better. Barça, a bit more than a club.

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