In April 1962 the Rol The Rolling Stones ”band was founded And with this, the history of one of the most important groups in the history of the genre would also begin to be written, that after 57 years, their music continues to sound and will continue to do so. But like many music stars, during the entire career of the music group they have always been related to two words that define all these years that they have been on stage, one of them is’ Success’ and the other ‘Excesses ‘.

In 2008, Ron Wood, guitarist of the band, spoke in “Memories of a Rolling Stone” about his life and all his addictions, as well as those of the rest of the band members. In the book he recounts his experiences and went on to say that both he and his companions felt “prisoners in a golden prison.” Now, it is the guitarist’s own son, Jamie Wood, who has spoken for the Daily Mail about what it was like to grow up with his father under the excesses: “Drugs were normal in my family. It was part of my education. No one would let their children come to my house after school, ”he begins explaining.

He has also confessed that this style of Life led him to get hooked on drugs at the young age of 14. He claims that he used heroin until he was 20 and smoked cannabis until recently, leading to a heart attack in 2017: “I was in the ambulance, taking selfies. I felt good but then, when we arrived at Bart’s Hospital in London, there were ten people waiting for me saying: ‘Sign this that we have to make you a by-pass’, ”he recounted about the day he almost lost his life.

Following that unpleasant experience that almost cost him his life, Jamie completely changed his lifestyle. The son of the legendary guitarist completely gave up drugs and adopted healthy lifestyles such as practicing sports like boxing. On the other hand, his father has also put aside excesses and lives focused on his young daughters, something that makes Jamie very happy, since she wants the best for her father and sisters.