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Alejandro Peña, son of the former president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, with his first wife, the late Mónica Pretelini, met a challenge in this quarantine period due to the coronavirus pandemic by shaving her hair to document it on her official Instagram account.

“Challenge accomplished,” was the message with which the 22-year-old boy made known to his more than 53,000 followers that he has on the social network that he had successfully faced the mission he promised to fulfill.

In a post you can see how with an expectant face, the ex-president’s only son, who recently reappeared on social networks, covered himself with a robe of geometric figures and sat in front of the mirror while his cousin Gerardo Said Pretelini took an electric hair clipper.

All the action took place in front of his brothers-in-law Alejandro Espinosa Y Fernando Tenaboyfriends of Nicole Y Paulina Peña, who appeared in the painting seconds later, crying out to be her the “executioner” who would put an end to her beloved brother’s mane.

First with scissors and then with the razor, he passed it decisively through Alejandro’s head to the amazement of his sister Nicole and his cousin. Fernanda Said, being his cousin Gerardo Said who gave the last adjustments to the cut, completing the total quarantine look.

Best of all for fans of the 53-year-old politician’s children is the fact that the radical change of look was documented in Alejandro’s Instagram stories and even reached Twitter where some users commented on it.

«Alejandro Peña made a Britney pelona ”, was one of the reactions in which Alejandro was compared to the interpreter of“ Oops I did it again ”, when in 2007 he cut himself off at the rapa in what constituted his much talked about and mediatic psychotic outbreak.

Although it is not known what the challenge consisted of, everything seems to indicate that Paulina Peña was the one who started the challenge in which her older brother lost his characteristic look with long hair and very defined curls.

In January Alejandro celebrated his birthday and his sister, in the middle of a vacation in New York, was one of the first to congratulate him on his day, «Peeeepi, happy birthday! It makes me happy to know you well and to know you growing and always learning from life. I greatly admire the man you seek to transform into every day, I adore you and always together! ».

Something that also caught the attention of the users of the network is the fact that none of the protagonists of the video kept the reiterated healthy distance of one and a half meters, a recommendation given by the Ministry of Health in Mexico, in order to minimize the chances of infection by the new coronavirus that arose in Wuhan, China in late 2019.

It should be noted that Alejandro Peña always shares on his Instagram account, photographs of his travels around the world, family moments and social events, and also his fondness for fashion and luxury brands. In addition, the eldest of the Peña Pretelini also shares his love of skiing in the snow and playing tennis.


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