The solution of a store in Japan to ensure compliance with sanitary measures

The restrictions arising from the pandemic they have completely changed the way we act. With the arrival of the coronavirus, neighborhood stores and supermarkets have seen their capacity limited in order to gather many people in the same space. However, sometimes it is difficult check that all sanitary measures are met.

In Japan they have used, once again, the most advanced technology to ensure that the use of the mask as the capacity in the store and the safety distance. Thanks to the International Research Institute for Advanced Telecommunications in Kyoto, a robot capable of monitoring all these measurements.

Vigilante Robovie

The little robot that acts as security guard receives the name of Robovie. Through the use of cameras and laser sensors is able to control movements and customer circulation. In case of detecting that someone is not wearing the mask, kindly ask to put it on.

Despite the fact that in the Japanese country citizens are more than used to making use of the mask, even before the arrival of SARS-CoV-2, the store has opted for this measure to prevent people from lowering their guard.

Situation in Japan

During the past weekend, large Japanese cities such as Tokyo and Osaka reported a spike in coronavirus cases. Since the beginning of the health emergency, the land of the rising sun has added 119,420 infections, while the figure of deceased amounts to 1,908.

However, despite this slight increase in positives, the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, has confirmed that does not plan to declare a new state of emergency nor apply measures that limit national tourism.