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The Conference of Social Councils (CCS) has approved an institutional declaration before the impact of the Covid-19 in Spain, in which he states that “we will only be stronger and more resistant if we have more and better science and a more competitive productive sector

The declaration also conveys a message of regret to those who have lost loved ones in these weeks, especially among members of the Social Councils and the university community, with a special memory to the Social Council of the Autonomous University of Madrid ( UAM), whose president José Folgado, passed away on the 23rd.

Furthermore, it recognizes “the immense merit and generosity of our healthcare personnel and other groups such as the State Security Forces and Corps ”.

The CCS, which brings together the Social Councils of public universities and the councils and trustees of private universities, appreciates the effort of the universities to continue his teaching and research activity in an environment of serious difficulties. In addition, it makes a public appeal that, “when we overcome the pandemic and face economic and social reconstruction, we pay greater attention to science and research.” As the President of the Conference, Antonio Abril Abadín, explains, “the current health crisis has highlighted that both not only create wealth and well-being, but also save human lives.”

The declaration also highlights the relevant role in this crisis of the industry and companies in the face of the need to produce health goods and services to care for the sick and affirms that “their generosity represents a commendable milestone in the history of our country” .

It concludes that it is important that we are able to draw correct conclusions from this crisis to be stronger and more resistant and be able to face the future with more guarantees. This, he assures, will require a commitment to science and the competitiveness of the productive sector, all in close connection with the university as a producer of talent and knowledge and seek to improve its governance and financing, as well as its necessary connection with the company and the productive and social fabric.

Social Councils are the representative bodies of the company
in college. Its functions include supervision and
approval of the budgets of each center, as well as its
Academic Offer. The Conference brings together the Councils of the
Spanish public universities and also integrates a number
growing number of private centers. Its operation is regulated by
the Organic Law of Universities and by specific legislation
of each Autonomous Community.

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