The sneakers that Pokémon deserve immortalize Charizard in an epic way

The slippers that Pokemon deserve epically immortalize Charizard

A Charizard shoe is what your collection needs

The Pokémon universe is so extensive that in order to represent each of the creatures it would take years to complete a work of such magnitude. However, the most loyal fans feel a special attraction to first generation creatures.

Know moreWhat if the Pokémon had actually been dinosaurs?

For this reason, an artist on the Reddit platform has taken the initiative to amazingly customize a shoe inspired by one of the most beloved Pokémon of the saga: Charizard.

You’ll love these Pokemon Charizard slippers

Below you will see a pair of Nike Air Force 1 “high top” shoes with an exclusive design allusive to one of the Most popular fire-type Pokémon of the saga. The result is simply perfect!

I painted Charizard themed shoes! from gaming

As you will see, the artist in question has managed to perfectly capture the Pokémon, since it is showing all its power and, of course, respecting all your official dimensions and colors.

If you want to see more of the work of Danisartwork, it is possible to see some customizations and illustrations spectacular on his Instagram.

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