The smallest gap since September

The Dolar blue recorded its lowest price since that $ 149 on Nov. 10 and reached the shortest gap since September due to the rise in the wholesale official and the decrease in alternative offers. All the prices that are not set by the Central Bank have a difference that was not recorded since the Country Tax was imposed.

This first week of December had positive signals for the dollar in its alternative prices. The MEP or Bolsa was below the price of the savings option which adds up to 30 percent of Country Tax and 35 of the advance of Profits. On Friday the values ​​were $ 142.05 and $ 143.13 respectively.

The Blue gap, the one most frequently measured, is 84 percent compared to the price set by the Central. This percentage is the lowest since September 16, day that restrictions were imposed on the purchase of dollars and the tax charges were applied. That day it was 74 percent.

The Counted with Liquidation and the MEP they also show their shorter gap with the wholesale officer. They are at 77 and 74 percent respectively, values ​​that have not been recorded for three months either.

The total values ​​are not the lowest since then, but the microdevaluations carried out by the entity led by Miguel Angel Pesce make the value below rise. If the alternatives that are above go down, the prices come together.

On November 10, the lowest price for blue was reached, at $ 149 per unit. This week it closed one peso higher, at $ 150 and dropped seven pesos since last Friday. One of the causes is the need for companies to sell their dollars to pay obligations in December such as Christmas bonuses and bonds.

On the last day of the week, the CCL and the MEP reacted upwards in low percentages to cut a little what they had lost, but anyway the values ​​had strong drops throughout the five days of buying / selling.