The Slovak press describes the 0-5 against Spain as shame and fiasco

06/24/2021 at 11:35 AM CEST


The Slovak press agrees today in assessing how “a shame” the 0 to 5 that the Central European team conceded in yesterday’s match against Spain and that earned them elimination in the Eurocup.

A shame! Some catastrophe players offered a debacle instead of a fight for qualification“, the generalist daily Právda headlines his chronicle.

The newspaper reviews the criticism of the goalkeeper on social networks Martin Dubravka for patting the ball at his own goal, something that Internet users compared to a basketball dunk.

“Individual assessment after Spain: one word appears above all ‘a shame‘”, says the sports newspaper” Dennik Sport “, which recalls that the team did not accept such a bulky defeat in a European Championship for 17 years.

The Slovaks gave the impression of contesting the championship of nonsense“, the Sme newspaper titled the performance of the team prepared by Stefan Tarkovic.

“No chemistry, no attackers, a chaotic defense. A fiasco. They fell in the European exam. Totally. And they did not shoot on target,” adds Sme.

Slovakia finished third in Group E, with three points added in a win and two losses and just two goals in favor.

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