The cuts in equipment were not going to take long to arrive due to the economic crisis that is causing the pandemic of the COVID-19. The first to take the step in the North American major leagues has been the business group that controls the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils (NHL). Specifically, it has temporarily decided to cut the wages of all its employees by twenty percent. In other words, they will be charged four days a week.

Scott O’Neal, the CEO of the company, argued the decision thus: “Taking into account what is happening with COVID-19 and the impact it is having, we want to take measures to control the situation in the long term. Thus, To ensure that we will be able to deal with the business when this happens, we have decided to reduce the salary of our employees.

This measure will begin to be taken from next week and will affect those employees with a salary greater than $ 50,000 annually. The rest of the NBA teams are expected to take similar steps.