“The situation in the national team is calm and normal”

06/08/2021 at 7:00 PM CEST

José Molina, general director of the RFEF, has spoken after the positive for coronavirus of Sergio Busquets, captain of the Spanish team. Given this situation, Luis Enrique has been forced to call several footballers to join the call in Las Rozas.

Despite the atypical nature of the situation, the director of the RFEF has tried to normalize the events that occurred. “The situation we are in is one of tranquility and normality. Since the pandemic began, almost all clubs have experienced a similar situation. Hopefully everything remains under control and we do not have another shock. Now we are following the protocols set by the health authorities and UEFA. “

On the other hand, Molina has explained the reason behind the new additions to training. “If we had another setback, we need to be prepared. That is why we have called some footballers to come with us and be here training. These footballers were on vacation for which we are very grateful for the commitment they have shown. Now they will have a few days of training so that, if necessary, they can become part of the selection

Finally, he expressed his optimism regarding Spain’s participation in the Eurocup. “The atmosphere is one of tranquility and optimism. We are waiting for results, but We are rigorously complying with all health protocols, so we hope to be able to attend the European Championship without problems.

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