There is increasing concern about outbreaks of coronavirus in Spain, especially in Catalonia and the Lleida area. This Friday 330 new cases have been recorded in the Catalan region. In addition, the fear of the spread of infections has caused several autonomous communities to impose the mandatory use of the mask in any public space and even if the safety distance is maintained. At the moment it is only compulsory in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura and the focus of the Basque Country.

On the other hand, La Rioja, Asturias and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla continue one more day without accounting for outbreaks.


The situation in Catalonia has worsened in recent hours. The Generalitat has recorded 338 new positive cases in the Lérida health region, the one most affected by the outbreaks. In total, the Catalan territory already has 20 active outbreaks: 15 in Lérida, three in Tarragona, two in the Upper Pyrenees and Aran area and another registered with an agrifood company in Avinyó (Barcelona)

The latest outbreak to appear in Lérida has forced the isolation of fifty agents from Mossos d’Esquadra. In addition, a person died last Wednesday in Segriá, a region that has been confined perimeter since Saturday.


The Mariña outbreak in Lugo registers at least 182 cases, according to the latest data. The Xunta de Galicia has lifted this Friday the restriction of movements in seven municipalities in the region, although it has restricted movements in the municipality of Burela within the scope of its own municipality, with exceptions.

In addition, on the afternoon of this Friday, four positives have been detected in the Ourense municipality of Beariz, so according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health, it would be considered an outbreak. From the Ministry of Health insist that people with symptoms “can not go to vote” this Sunday in the Galician Parliament elections.


In Guipúzcoa, the outbreak registered in the municipality of Orio is considered controlled, which has affected more than 20 people, and the most worrying case continues to be the one registered in Ordicia, which now has 69 positives on Thursday. The Basque Government continues to rule out municipal confinement for now, although the use of a mask is mandatory.

The Health Minister, Nekane Murga, has reported that some 200 people with active Covid-19 infection will not be able to go to vote in the Basque elections this Sunday.


Andalusia registers 17 active Covid-19 coronavirus outbreaks, nine in the control phase and eight in the investigation phase, in the provinces of Granada, Malaga, Cádiz, Huelva and Almería, with a total of 296 confirmed cases – with 26 new positives in 24 hours – after adding a new outbreak in the Málaga-Guadalhorce district with five affected and it has for the first time two outbreaks in the overcoming phase when the outbreaks of Lepe (Huelva) and the one of the Levante-Alto Almanzora district of Almería, according to the latest data.


The Community of Madrid has detected two new outbreaks in the last few hours, in addition to the one registered last week, for which there are a total of 3 active outbreaks. One of them is located in a small company with 4 contacts, while the other has been detected in a family environment with seven cases and they are distributed in three addresses in the capital.

On the other hand, the regional government still maintains the focus that appeared last week in which seven minor cases are recorded.


The Government of Aragon maintains in phase 2 the four Aragonese regions affected by outbreaks: La Litera, Cinca Medio and Bajo Cinca in Huesca, and Bajo Aragón-Caspe, in Zaragoza, and it is not yet known when they will pass to the new normality. There are at least 450 confirmed cases, the majority among seasonal workers.


The Balearic Islands already has 10 active outbreaks. The last to register was on the island of Menorca and affects three Spanish tourists with mild symptoms. Two of the outbreaks in the Balearic archipelago are about to be considered closed and the regional government highlights that these are “very limited outbreaks of four or five people” that usually occur within the family, making it easier for detection and follow up.


In Soria, the Board declared an outbreak with three positives, three minors aged 14, 13 and 10, after a meeting of several families. Of the people in the environment, 21 in total, 18 have tested negative and three remain to be located to perform the PCR test. This case is added to the outbreak registered at the Río Hortega Hospital in Valladolid, which, although it is considered controlled, is not yet closed.


There are five coronavirus outbreaks, in the towns of Cullera, Llíria, Foios, Valencia and Castellón. The last to appear has been that of Foios with seven cases. Also the focus of the city of Castellón already has 35 affected, according to the latest data from the Valencian Government.


The Region of Murcia maintains three active outbreaks. The most complex is the one related to the flight from Bolivia, which already has 54 positive cases and is not closed with 13 of those cases located in a fruit and vegetable company. There is also another outbreak in Torre Pacheco and another in a county council in Cartagena.

In addition, 40 people arriving in boats are kept in quarantine due to close contact with four others who have tested positive, two on Wednesday and two on Thursday.


Castilla-La Mancha has three active outbreaks of coronavirus so far. Thus, to those who already knew each other in the block of flats of Albacete and the city of Socuéllamos, with six positive cases, another is now added in the province of Toledo. The latter is three people from the same family who are isolated at home without requiring hospitalization, and their contacts are being tracked.


Extremadura maintains five active outbreaks: four in the Badajoz health area, which accumulates a total of 38 patients and 207 contacts in follow-up, and one in Navalmoral (Cáceres), with nine confirmed cases and three close contacts under surveillance.

Starting this Saturday, the use of the mask will be compulsory throughout Extremadura, as reported by the Board.


The Government of Cantabria has terminated the isolation of the housing building in Santander due to a regrowth. However, it does not yet close this focus, which still has 13 positive cases.


Navarra registers a total of four outbreaks of Covid-19. Tudela’s focus currently accounts for 31 positive cases, while the last one to appear in Pamplona continues with five positive ones. For its part, the provincial government considers that the other outbreak in the capital and that of the northern town, Sunbilla, are controlled, but not closed.


In the Canary Islands, some 37 migrants continue to be isolated in a ship in Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura, after arriving on different boats on the island and finding that they were positive.