Jeff Buckley: The singer who entered the river and never came out again | INSTAGRAM

After 23 years of his loss, on the Wolf River in Memphis, to date it is one of the strangest situations after losing his life.

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The American singer died at the age of 30 on May 29, 1997 on the Wolf River in Memphis, his death caused a real stir as, supposedly, he entered the river dressed, according to his friend Keith Fonti who accompanied him that day.

Her body was found five days later. Accident or Suicide? Several hypotheses were advanced, considering that the singer was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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The lifeless body of successful foIk-rock singer Jeff Buckley was found floating in the Mississippi River on a Wednesday night, a week after he disappeared while swimming near a jetty in the city of Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. .

Buckley, had recorded two solo albums after going through some bands, and was one of the most promising performers of his entire generation, half leaving a successful sales career, although he was a figure of unusual quality and had been compared with Bob Dylan and Van Morrison.

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Buckley had been born in California, studied music in Los Angeles and settled in New York to work in his trade, first with a short-lived band, and then, alone, playing in cafes and clubs in Greenwich Village, well into the world. Dylan’s way, is for that reason the comparison.

Let’s get to the really important thing, according to the version of the events of the Columbia record house, Jeff Buckley was swimming in a Memphis jetty on the Mississippi River on Thursday night, Buckley was recording his second album in that mythical town of Rock And Roll.

Where suddenly, apparently, he threw himself into the water dressed « in a playful attitude », as mentioned by his companion, remember that Buckley was with a good friend of his, who saw him disappear after some ships raised a strong wave at pass, as described by this subject.

Authorities were notified of the incident and the search for the singer was immediately arranged, for days the area was tracked with helicopters, launches and scuba divers, but Buckley’s family had lost all hope, and he made it known in a statement.

Ultimately, Buckley’s floating lifeless body was sighted by a passenger from a shuttle tracing the Mississippi Wednesday night, and according to Memphis police, there were no traces of drugs or alcohol in the inert body.

Undoubtedly, it has been one of the strangest cases in terms of this type of event, since for the family, the admirers of the musician, there is no logical explanation of what actually happened, and many thought and remain firm in the idea of that such an event was a suicide.