The Simpsons predicted their own predictions years ago

Predicting how you will be able to predict the future is very strange, but it is something that The Simpsons did and we will tell you all about it below.

Being able to see the true predictions of The Simpsons is something really very interesting and, honestly, something scary, because it shows us the way in which the world would react to certain events and sometimes shows us those events themselves.

That is why seeing the Trump presidency and the way the self-correction was going to change us all the intentions of our texts count as something that will go down in history as true predictions of this series.

One more for history

It may not seem like it, but there is a prediction within The Simpsons that is about accurate predictions of something put on the air, said by someone who is not an expert on the subject and who does not know exactly how that happened. We are talking about a prediction made by Homer, where, with total accuracy, he manages to predict the future of a comet.

Episode 14 of season 6 shows us how a comet would crash in Springfield and with it, it would end the lives of all. The only optimist about this is Homer, who said there was nothing to worry about, because the comet would vanish upon contact with the atmosphere and end up being the size of the head of a chihuahua dog.

Interestingly, at the end of the episode, this happens and he actually comments it ends up fading when it comes into contact with the atmosphere and we even have a chihuahua next to it to compare its final size.

When it’s all over, Bart is surprised that exactly what Homer said would happen with surprising precision happened. Homer just says he doesn’t know how it happened and that he is also afraid of having managed to accidentally predict that.

This is precisely what the creators of The Simpsons have said, as they have confirmed that they are not prophets far from it and that they are only jokes that occur to them at the moment and that somehow, they manage to warn us of something that will happen in the future. It’s the same way Homer’s prediction worked and yeah, it’s kind of scary.