The Simpsons predicted social isolation two years ago | Instagram

The famous animated series The Simpsons magically return with their predictions, now they assure that the series predicted social isolation where we are currently two years ago behind.

Since it was released in the year of 1989 They have not stopped surprising us either with their funny jokes or with their surprising predictions.

On many occasions it has happened that some event anywhere in the world The Simpsons came to predict it during the series.

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Since the health crisis began around the world they began to emerge theories that they had predicted what had happened, as well as the measures of staying home.

In an episode from the last two seasons of two years ago, they apparently aired advanced with the crisis and the isolation that we currently live.

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The name of the chapter is Heartbreak Hotel where we see Homer and Marge trying to enter a reality show called The Amazing Place.

As the chapter progresses you can see some similarities quite foreign with the situation we are currently going through around the world.

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Once they were accepted into the program, the couple were forced to isolate themselves in a hotel room near the airport and begin to have hostile attitudes to the point of not knowing how to survive and get out of this terrible situation.

On the other hand, according to NME this could be like a advice series of things that should not be done to maintain a good relationship and a good coexistence in the middle of the isolation that we are suffering.

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In another of the episodes, Kent Brockman transmitting the news from his house with the participation of Tom Hanks where many say that this could be a prediction about your contagion of the virus but it’s just a guess.

As expected, thousands of fans of the series are found putting pieces together of the puzzle to fit the situation we are going through right now.