‘The Simpsons’: Kristen Bell to voice Marge Simpson in a musical episode of the series

That husky voice that Marge Simpson has is one of the most recognizable in the series and is already part of popular culture. The actress behind her throughout all the episodes of the long-running original version is Julie Kavner. However, when putting Marge to sing several songs in a musical episode, those responsible for the series have opted for a perhaps more melodic or professional option. signing actress Kristen Bell.

The ‘The Good Place’ actress has stood out especially in recent years for being the voice of Anna in ‘Frozen: The Kingdom of Ice’, thus demonstrating her talent for singing. This has caused that I have been chosen to voice Marge in a special episode of the series, which includes numerous music scenes, as featured on a panel during Comic-Con @ Home.

This episode will be the first of season 33 and is presented as “the most musical we have done”, according to one of the producers of the series. Titled ‘The Star of the Backstage’, this chapter will be a flashback of Marge in which she goes through different moments of her life. Matt Selman, executive producer of the series, describes this episode as follows: “Marge has amazing memories of directing her high school musical (…) and decides to reprise it twenty years later for the last time. But when her nemesis from high school she returns to the city, realizes that her memories of this time are not as she thought. “

On the signing of Kristen Bell, Selman adds: “The only place where Marge sings well is in her head, so she has a magical inner voice that only we can hear. When she sings, it is beautiful, just like with Kristen Bell “. This episode is inspired by the program ‘Vuelta al stage’, presented by the actress herself for Disney Plus, which is based precisely on how a series of people decided to re-enact their high school musicals several years later.

This is not, however, the first time that Kristen Bell has participated in the animated series, as we were able to hear her voice in the sixth episode of season 27 voicing a rich girl named Harper, whom Lisa became friends with.

More details about the new season

This special will be the starting gun for season 33 of the series and among those responsible for its songs is Jack Dolgen, composer of the series ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’. This musical series starred Rachel Bloom who will also make a cameo in one of the episodes of this new season, in a sequence from the now classic ‘The House of Terror’, the traditional Halloween episode.

Along with Bloom, this season will feature cameos from various actors as Timothy Olyphant (‘Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood’), Cristin Milioti (‘Palm Springs’) and Brian Cox (‘Succession’).

The new season of ‘The Simpsons’ premieres on Fox on September 26, with this musical episode. In Spain we will see it later through Disney +.

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