The Simpsons celebrate Star Wars day with a short on Disney +

The Simpsons celebrate Star Wars day with a short on Disney + | INSTAGRAM

Like every May 4, more and more fans of the saga of star Wars, “Star Wars” is celebrated in basically every corner of the planet, so Internet fans who admire this story celebrate with all kinds of content from the franchise.

For this reason, a whole day full of celebrations is expected for the universe created by George Lucas, from memes, to all the complete filmography seen by millions around the globe, and of course, those of the production team of “The Simpson” They cannot be left behind on this important date.

For this same reason, this famous yellow program has created an animated short that will be broadcast on the streaming platform of Disney PlusThat’s right, one of the most important families on television, “The Simpson” will appear in streaming with an anthology crossover.

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The aforementioned animated short will be titled “The Force Awakens From Its Nap” or in Spanish: “The awakening of the force after the siesta” And clearly, as you can see from the splendid promo poster, it will star the youngest of the family, Maggie Simpson.

In the middle of this adventure, little Maggie will come face to face with young Padawans, Sith Lords, droids, rebellious scum and a final battle against the dark side, according to the official description that the virtual company has launched.

The wonderful image of the promotional poster shows us Maggie and BB8 in a pose in the style of “Star Wars”, in addition to confirming that there will be a “simpsonized” version of Darth Maul.

Although, until this moment the duration of the short has not been confirmed, due to the fact that it is promotional content, it can be assumed that it will not have the length of a normal, complete chapter of “The Simpsons”, as it happens with the special episodes.

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We believe it is necessary to emphasize that the references to galactic fiction in Matt Groening’s series have been constant throughout its history, we can even say that it is already a tradition, however, this premiere in particular is the first crossover of the two universes since Disney bought Fox.

And as part of the great celebration, the platform will also broadcast a few other mini shows about the planets and the vehicles of Star Wars, so the ardent fans of the saga cannot be excited, they have many things to see today. .
Also, this May 4 also comes “The Bad Batch”, a new Lucasfilm animated series that will be linked with events from “The Clone Wars”; the first episode will be 70 minutes and like the other surprises, it will be broadcast on the same streaming platform.

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In case you did not know, we told you, on May 4, 1979, when the world had already been conquered by the first “Star Wars” film, the British newspaper London Evening News published a note in which members of the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom congratulated Margaret Thatcher.

The message for the appointment as Prime Minister of the country read: “May the 4th Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations ”. This phrase would lead to the play on words “May the Force be with you” or what is the same: “May the force be with you”, the most emblematic phrase of the entire saga.

This was used by fans as an impulse to create “Star Wars Day” and since then every May 4 commemorates the day of one of the most famous and recognized sagas by the global audience.