The Simpsons arcade is here to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the legendary arcade game … and with online cooperative! | Gaming

Today’s arcade machines are a relic of the past, but they amazed the first generation of video game players.

In 1991, in full explosion of the phenomenon of The Simpsons, which had been released on television just a year before, The Simpsons Arcade Game, from Konami, became one of the most popular arcade in the world.

It was a beat’em up (game of hitting everyone who gets ahead) to four players where the Simpson family fought with half the city. It remains one of the highest rated games on The Simpsons.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the game, Arcade1UP offers for sale a reissue of The Simpsons arcade, maintaining support for 4 simultaneous players … and with online cooperative play! You can see it in the video:

It is not an exact recreation of the original model, it is a little smaller.

Has a 17-inch LCD screen with 4: 3 ratio, like the TVs of the time, and 4 levers with two buttons each, to play four players at the same time.

Moving, hitting and jumping was all you needed to enjoy the game, although there are button combinations to perform special moves and blows.

Konami’s game made a big impact in 1991 not only because of its fun gameplay, but because of the careful graphics and elaborate animations, above the games of the time.

This hybrid console from Nintendo allows you to play in handheld mode and also on your TV. Its catalog of exclusive games is also one of its main strengths.

This The Simpsons arcade by Arcade1UP includes an important novelty: has WiFi, so it can be played in online cooperative with other players who have the arcade.

It must be said that it is not a multiplayer game, it can be played perfectly in single player mode, without any problem.

Arcade1UP has a surprise at launch, and it is that the tab indicates “2 games in 1”, but nothing has been said about the second game. Will it be some other title from the famous series, or a Konami game?

The reserves of The arcade of The Simpsons they open the August 16th in his web page. At the moment we do not know the price, but other Arcade1UP furniture is around the 500 or 600 euros, so there will be its price.

It seems expensive, but you have to keep in mind that it brings the complete cabinet with the arts, illuminated marquee, 17-inch screen and 4 controls with their respective buttons.

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