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The America and his fans enjoy any direct or indirect blow to his hated rivals. They have just finished celebrating May 26 in the face of the followers of the Cruz Azul and now they receive the rumor that Víctor Guzmán could reach the Eagles for the next tournament. The same one that was presented with the Chivas, but that after testing positive for doping, he had to cancel his transfer.

If this situation is confirmed, the Eagles would be taking a top player from Mexico out of the Chivas bag, who six months ago was one of the most outstanding of the tournament, but after his misunderstanding with doping, he had to temporarily leave the courts waiting for the resolution that is about to be confirmed and to play the next tournament.

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This would be a hard hit for the rojiblanca fans who were excited with the ‘Pocho’ Guzmán, but beyond the media impact, in the sports field, America is covered in the area where Guzmán works and, in the end, it has been an element with disciplinary problems.

His main position is that of an offensive midfielder, as a midfielder and with the ability to throw himself into the wings and become a right winger. Despite being a versatile player, he has characteristics similar to those of Giovani Dos Santos, Nicolás Benedetti and Sebastián Córdova; crucial elements in the current team and also two of them Mexican, so the place of the ‘Pcho’ could be more than covered despite being Mexican.

Except for a unique market opportunity, Facing a signing of this price (around 8 million dollars) for a position that is well-insured for now looks like a waste, especially since the club must supply the losses of Nico Castillo, Roger Martínez and Renato Ibarra, players who do not come close to Guzmán’s characteristics and who are decisive in any team.

America does not need Víctor Guzmán, but the pleasure that the hobby would feel for having a player with blue-cream DNA in his personality and who was about to sign for the Chivas, would give a new blow to the limelight of its Americanist essence, and that can hardly be denied.

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