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The vaccine was tested on 20 volunteers.

Earlier this month, The Russian Ministry of Health reported that it already had an antiviral medicine to counteract the effects of the coronavirus. in the body, which is already being used in hospitals in that country, and that his scientific search for a vaccine continued.

Now, Sechenov University reported the results of its first human immunizations. Until now, the side effects that the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 has caused in volunteers are less.

The drug was applied to 20 volunteers, men and women between 18 and 65 years old, at the Scientific and Practical Center of Interventional Cardioangiology of the University.

Her reactions to the medication were described as « minimal post-vaccination reactions: a slight rise in temperature, headache, etc., which stopped independently within one day. The response to the coronavirus infection vaccine was standard, typical for other types of injections. Now all of the study participants are doing well, ”the institution reported.

Volunteers who received the vaccine they will remain isolated for 28 days to avoid any risk of external infection and their health status will be monitored for six months after being discharged from hospital.

Sechenov University is testing the lyophilized form of the vaccine, that is, a powder medicine to prepare a solution for intramuscular injection.

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