“The show gave me the love of my life”

On Friday, February 19, the sixth edition of ‘Got Talent Spain’ issued its fifth round of auditions, in which the judges received Santi, a magician who returned to the format three years later, to have a second chance that came out round. An occasion in which the contestant did not appear alone: ​​he went along with his girlfriend, whom he met after his first participation in the format, and who he surprised by asking the judges to give his talent as a singer a chance.

Santi leaves the jury of ‘Got Talent’ stunned

« It is not the first time that I am in ‘Got Talent’. I was already in the third season. Thanks to the program, I found my travel companion today »Santi declared, before taking the stage. « Fate is crazy sometimes. It was a crush across the screen, never seen before, » said Ely, his partner, with whom the magician returned to the format « very happy, very excited to see how he is going to get out this experience.  » Santi then revealed that he had met his girlfriend because, when he showed up three years ago, she « He saw me on TV, wrote to me through networks and everything came up ». « I am very grateful for the program because it has given me work, the love of my life … it has given me everything, » said the contestant, once on stage.

Following, Santi managed to perplex the jury, especially Risto Mejide, with a French deck card trick, in which he would subtract one of them, chosen by Dani Martínez at random, from a closed deck in its respective box. A success that left the jury even more surprised when Mejide opted for choosing a card from the French deck, which appeared mixed in another deck, this time Spanish. « Yours is very strong », muttered a stunned Risto, while Dani confessed that « I don’t have the ability to say anything. You have astonished me » and Edurne highlighted the « calmness » she had shown throughout the performance. « It may be that I do not perfectly remember your other performance, but what I can say is that I do not forget this, » said the singer, before they gave her three yeses. However, far from leaving the stage then, Santi took the opportunity to make a request: « I have come with the intention of giving my contest to Ely, my partner ».

« The Golden Pass was finding us »

« She is a singer, she has not yet had an opportunity to teach people that gift she has. It is not only singing, but what she has to do with what she sings, » explained the contestant about his girlfriend, offstage, where he stressed that she « He has a song of his own that he has wanted to teach the world for many years and cannot find a way. » « I thought: ‘Got Talent’ gave it everything to me, why not give it to her? »Santi concluded, who thus moved the person involved with that unexpected movement on his part. In this way, with the approval of the jury, Ely interpreted her song « Change of door », after which Edurne confessed that « I’m going to thank Santi for having gotten you into this game, because we have been able to enjoy you and your voice a lot ».

« You have a beautiful voice. I really liked the song too and that I have seen you very safe, » praised the artist, before which the contestant acknowledged that « when you stop to write something so yours, in the end it is born alone. This story it is the beginning of both, the fear that it would not come out.  » For its part, Risto expressed his « infinite respect for the people who compose your own songs », before pointing out to Ely that « you should have introduced yourself, that’s why I’m giving you a no today. » « You are absolutely right. Fears cause these things and you have to assume them, I really accept it, » said the aforementioned, who added that « The Golden Pass was finding us. It’s a dream come true » after receiving two yeses from the jury.