The shot for which Carlos Tevez should have been expelled 10 seconds into the match between Boca and Talleres

Kick from Tevez to Retegui

The first great controversy of the duel between Mouth Y Cordoba workshops, by the third date of the Professional League Cup, it happened when the stopwatch ticked just 10 seconds. Those led by Alexander Medina bet on a frank, vertical attack, as soon as the match began, when Carlos Tevez committed a harsh infraction for which he should have been expelled, unceremoniously.

After the ambitious serve, the ball drifted into Mateo Retegui, who tried to go deeper. But as soon as he released the stiletto he felt a blow from behind. It was captain xeneize, who in an effort to cut the action He plunged the plugs into his former partner’s calf (Retegui is on loan at the T and his pass belongs to the riverside club). The referee German Delfino showed him the yellow card. But it was the red one, regardless of the portion of the match in progress.

It was a foul from behind, with excessive use of force and endangering the opponent’s physique. He did not admit any other sanction than expulsion. Why was he not ordered to quit the game? Probably because it occurred in the first bars of the match and found the judge without sufficient concentration: he never expected such a fast foul. And Talleres, who could have benefited from playing with an extra man at the dawn of the game, penalized.

The start of the game was uncomfortable for Delfino: At 27 minutes he did not warn a clear penalty for Boca for a subjection inside the area at the exit of a corner.

Tevez had been left in the eye of the storm last week, in Boca’s 2-0 victory over Newell’s in Rosario, precisely with a goal from him. After an action in which he went to dispute the ball with Alan Aguerre, the goalkeeper was injured and was replaced by Ramiro Macagno. The shock generated the goalkeeper a elbow dislocation and will be three months off the courts.

“We both play, he is going to lock with the hand, I go with the foot. The truth is that I’ve been having a lot of bad luck with the Newell’s archers issue. The truth is that you never want to hurt a colleague or anything. Therefore, I hope he recovers quickly and is nothing serious “said the 36-year-old Apache.

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