The shocking physical change over the Russell Crowe years

The actor has undergone changes in his physique in recent years until he is totally unrecognizable.

Beardless and adolescent-faced, that’s right Crowe in the early 1990s.

By 1995, he had left his childish appearance behind, sporting a beard and messier hair.

2000 was his year where he shone with his performance in Gladiator.

To collect your Oscar for the aforementioned film he moved away from the character and appeared without a beard.

He was blond in ‘Master and Commander‘.

In 2008 we saw Crowe With hair longer than ever, she went to the premiere of ‘Network of Lies’ with a low ponytail.

Gained weight for ‘Two good guys‘and from there his weight went up.

One of his most radical changes took place in 2018, when he put on a few more kilos and grew a long beard full of gray.

Russell had to get fat again for the miniseries’The loudest voice‘(2019).

Crowe still would not have had time to recover from the pounds gained to play his characters.

He is currently unrecognizable with a beard, white hair and several extra pounds.