Independent developer Still Running has joined forces with publisher Merge Games, known for having released other well-known titles like Cast of the Seven Godsend on the hybrid console, to release their first album, Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, a Action RPG in aerial perspective and 16-bit aesthetic that plays with the so-called Horrorpunk, a fusion of styles that promises not to leave you indifferent. Although at the moment there is no exact launch date to indicate, the company assures that it will fall within 2020, which leaves room for several months, in the absence of being specified over the next few weeks.

You are the last surviving Dibrom Striver. Your duty, for which you have trained all your life, is to defeat the Seven Acolytes, cursed and powerful beings, possessed by malevolent deities called Gahars.

Experience epic bosses and a multitude of encounters against bloodthirsty monsters as you perfect your character.
Challenging foes, mini bosses, and memorable large-scale boss fights with fully orchestrated music are central to the world of Morbid. To overcome these obstacles you must master the combat, as well as improve your character and equipment through a large number of elements such as Missions, Benefits, Runes, Improvements and Plunder.

Explore the diverse fantasy world of Mornia, set against the backdrop of a deep and immersive story.
The Gahars have attached their twisted minds to the flesh of the Seven Acolytes, because without hosts they cannot survive. You must kill the Acolytes, thus making the evil deities disappear. Triumph and you will free the kingdom from the heavy yoke of its terror. It fails, and the malicious gods will rule forever, insanity prevailing.

Features Description
-Experience epic and brutal boss encounters and explore a wide variety of environments
-Improvement system with multiple ways to develop your character
– Deep and immersive knowledge with NPCs to meet around the world.
-More than 25 unique melee weapons such as swords, axes, maces, spears, two-handed, as well as various weapons ranging from pistols, shotguns and rifles
– Fully orchestrated epic soundtrack consisting of 18 tracks
-Health, endurance and sanity management is important as you traverse the world

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