The set piece punishes Real Zaragoza’s weak defense

The D Ponferradina added a new victory, sixth of the season after coming back with two set pieces, in two corner kicks, the both of Narváez in the first bars of the second half.

The people of Zaragoza are left in a more than complicated situation, too his coach, Iván Martínez, who has his second defeat on the bench in the same way, seeing himself traced back on the scoreboard, although his team scored the first away goal of the season.

The hand team showed the need that their coach had declared in the preview of the crash and came out with maximum intensity trying to corner a Deportiva that, yes, except in the first bars when the direct game allowed the visitors to get closer at the door of José Antonio Caro, the rest of the ball control was unsuccessful.

Before half an hour the local technician, Jon Pérez Bolo, had to modify his eleven giving entry to the captain Yuri de Souza, whose absence had been the highlight in the initial team, taking the place of Kaxe, injured in a blow with Jair while trying to finish off with a header.

The next notable occasion would be a corner kick with a lot of intention from Ríos Queen than Cristian Álvarez, who was returning to the Zaragoza frame, served with one hand at the far post when he was already sneaking in.

The second half could not be more favorable for the Aragonese than before the first minute was fulfilled, a clamorous error by Ríos Reina in a horizontal pass that Narváez intercepted It allowed the forward to face the area and adjust a shot to the post against which Caro could do little.

After what Yuri will forgive a header of those who do not usually miss the center of Paris, the continuous push of the Bercianos ended up paying off after two consecutive launches of RIos Queen who wanted to make amends for his mistake in both rival to score directly with the collaboration of defense and goal.

The tie gave wings to the premises that in a traced play and shortly after Ríos Reina in a new shipment closed in a corner pitch he found on this occasion the collaboration of Dani Romera to comb the ball before the passivity, again, of the visiting rear.

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Data sheet:

2. SD Ponferradine: Expensive; Paris, Manu Hernando, Pascanu, Ríos Reina; Sielva, Elitim (Amo, M. 85); Pablo Valcarce (Dani Romera, M. 46), Curro Sánchez (Larrea, M. 70), Doncel (Gaspar, M. 85) and Kaxe (Yuri, M. 32).

1. Real Zaragoza CF: Cristian Álvarez; Vigaray, Guitian, Jair, Chavarría; Luca (Larra, M. 59), Francho, Eguaras (Iván, M. 81), Igbekeme; Sergio Bermejo (Sola, M. 59) and Narváez (Vuckic, M. 81).

Referee: Javier Iglesias Villanueva (Galician committee). He admonished Manu Hernando (M. 41), Pablo Valcarce (M. 47), Curro Sánchez (M. 69) for Ponferradina; Sola (M. 72), Eguaras (M. 80) for Real Zaragoza

Goals: 0-1, Narváez (M. 46); 1-1, Ríos Reina (M. 61); 2-1, Dani Romera (M. 77)

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to the thirteenth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the El Toralín stadium behind closed doors