the series that delves into the marvelita world

As with any cultural phenomenon, most of its consumers do not delve into it, either due to lack of time or simple disinterest beyond those works that everyone talks about. There is no doubt that the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose films can be seen on Disney Plus with the exception of the two starring Spider-Man (Tom Holland), is a morrocotudo success. But, if you want to delve into everything that surrounds the base of the saga, the historic Marvel Comics production, you should not miss the new documentary series about it: Marvel 616.

If one wants to delve into the basis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the new documentary series on the subject should not be missed: Marvel 616

In it, they propose an anthological review of issues of the marvelite cosmosFrom certain aspects of the trajectory of their publications or how is the current dynamics with which they are produced, something very interesting, to the development of more or less curious adaptations and the behavior of the most fanatical of their superheroes. That is, they give us that kind of knowledge about the famous company, owned by The Walt Disney Company since January 2010, that we could not achieve without engaging in multiple inquiries and readings and that we now have in Marvel 616, which makes things easier for us .

marvel 616 disney plus reviewmarvel 616 disney plus reviewDisney Plus

How could it be otherwise, this documentary series is grounded in interviews, in the testimonies of authors, managers and enthusiasts of the adventures of Iron Man, Captain America and company. Thus, the temptation to fall into the classic scheme and manners of the genre was very powerful, and this is what has happened. Episodes from the first season – although we do not know if the production company Supper Club plans to continue with another of Marvel 616 – such as “Japanese Spider-Man” (1×01) or “Higher, Further, Faster” (1×02), directed by David Gelb ( Jiro Dreams of Sushi) and actress Gillian Jacobs (Girls), are strictly functional.

“Amazing Artisans” (1×03) focuses on two Spanish cartoonists, something unexpected that, whether you want it not, is a plus of interest for the episode

However, there are some that They try to escape a bit from these typical tracks of documentaries, offering more incentives than fixed interviews and archive recordings; without disdaining them because it would not be reasonable in such an approach either. “Amazing Artisans” (1×03), prepared by Clay Jeter (Unsolved Mysteries), begins to diversify well the visual resources of Marvel 616 with somewhat more abstract staging, not much, and on the context in which the interviewees make their contributions to the comics of our favorite superheroes. And here two Spanish artists participate, something unexpected that, you want it not, is a plus of interest for the chapter.

marvel 616 disney plus reviewmarvel 616 disney plus reviewDisney Plus

For his part, the comedian Paul Scheer (NTSF: SD: SUV) bets on the humorous dramatization in “Lost and Found” (1×04), whose jokes would not make this episode the least successful with an overflowing wit. While “Suit Up!” (1×05) and “The Marvel Method” (1×07), signed by Andrew Rossi (Post-truth) and Brian Oakes (Jim: The James Foley Story), they are revealed as the juiciest of Marvel 616; the one, by the content about cosplay and its slow cameras, and the other, by his immersion in the creativity of Marvel Comics, its dynamism and the wonderful soundtrack by Timo Elliston and Brian Jones (Abstract: The Art of Design).

“Suit Up!” (1×05) and “The Marvel Method” (1×07), directed by Andrew Rossi and Brian Oakes, are revealed as the juiciest episodes of Marvel 616

As well as some string scores and the choirs of “Spotlight” (1×08), whose composition we owe to Stephanie Economou and Jon Monroe (Manhunt: Unabomber). But there is something that is not explained in the series. If superhero adventures occur in a multiverse, the main continuity of it in comics and movies is that of Earth-616, a number chosen by screenwriter Dave Thorpe in 1981: “616 was the worst of the parallel Earths, which prevented the others from achieving the change to the next evolutionary stage” and, if 666 is the number of the Beast, too obvious, chose 616 because “the school in the coldest city in the world, in Siberia, closes when the temperature reaches minus 61.6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an extreme turning point ”. And for this reason the interesting Marvel 616 is so titled.

marvel 616 disney plus reviewmarvel 616 disney plus reviewDisney Plus