The series of ‘The Last of Us’ begins its filming this summer (and it would not conclude until 2022)

There are great expectations placed on the adaptation of The last of us that Craig mazin, creator of Chernobyl, is developing for HBO. The video game saga from which it comes is one of the great milestones of PlayStation, to the point that some people wonder what a live version could add to its incredible narrative, but it is all part of an ambitious plan by Sony to their large licenses jump to other media. In the case of The Last of Us, moreover, regardless of expenses: the same Neil Druckmann who has directed the games is listed as a co-author, and the series has already recruited Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (seen both in Game of Thrones) as the protagonists Joel and Ellie.

So far, all the news of the project has had to do with everything related to the team (from which he ended up falling Johan renck as director after collaborating with Mazin in Chernobyl) or his fidelity to the original of the consoles. Now, according to CBC News, the HBO series already has a filming start date, and this is the next one July 5th. The company’s plans call for The Last of Us to be shot for a whole year (an end date has also been given, June 8, 2022), and will do so in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

In this territory, the productions of Interstellar or the series Fargo, but the fact of hosting the development of The Last of Us has been something worth celebrating, especially considering the economic difficulties that the coronavirus crisis has brought with it. To the point that Jason kenney, Premier of the province of Alberta, has revealed to the media that the HBO project involves “The largest film and television production in all of Canadian history”. There is no doubt, then, that the government will make things easy for the series team, providing locations for the post-apocalyptic future in which The Last of Us is set.

At the moment there are no more confirmed actors apart from Pascal and Ramsey, and there are already those who worry about how such a demanding schedule could affect the first’s schedule. After all, Pascal also stars The Mandalorian, most celebrated series of Star wars which ended its second season last year with the question of when we would see a third. In theory the production of this has not yet been developed, in favor of the spin-off The Book of Boba Fett that we will see at the end of the year, and that Pascal has to spend a whole year in Canada would imply a long time before we witness the return of Mando.

When it comes to The Last of Us, HBO has not been able to probe a release date either.