the series finale aired years ago with everyone’s death and no one noticed

The Simpsons could have shown us the end of the series in season 29 with the death of the whole family. But few considered it.

Here at FayerWayer we are devoted to all the stories, curiosities and theories that have to do with The Simpson. And we know that there are tons of material to talk about it.

Frankly we wonder if one day the series will have an ending. But the funny thing is that that has already happened, although later they continued to premiere more seasons.

We know it sounds weird, but the history of the yellow family in truth already showed what its end was. Although for some strange reason it seems that nobody noticed.

The end of The Simpsons happened on May 20, 2018

Flanders’ Ladder is the name of episode 21 of season 29 of The Simpsons and it aired on the date highlighted above. In the plot Bart is struck by lightning and leaves him in a coma. The entire episode is torn between life and death as ghosts of characters visit it.

But the key point is the end of the chapter. Where Bart manages to wake up and reveals that he could see the future on how they would all die.

SPOILER ALERT: we recommend not watching the video if you do not want to ruin your surprise or if you have not seen the series of Six Feet Under:

As we can see the outcome of the story, he chooses to make a parody of the final sequence of the cult series HBO’s Six Feet Under.

That ending sequence is considered by critics as one of the best closings for a TV series in all of history.

So here we see how Homer dies in a shooting after the police believed he had a gun. Marge dies peacefully of natural causes and becomes the last widow of Ned Flanders.

Bart and Principal Skinner end up killing each other. Lisa dies at 98 meditating in a transcendental meditation. And Maggie… well, here’s the video.

The funny thing is that this episode, which was the same as the closing of the season in 2018, was also the end of The Simpsons in its own way.

But no one took it seriously.