The Series’ 10 Best Villains, Ranked

Despite living in a quaint Virginia town, American Dad! The Smith family has rarely gone a week without a conflict. Most television families simply have to deal with one of their children smoking or catching a loose mouse in the hallways, but the Smiths have constantly found themselves in the midst of time travel dilemmas, kidnapping situations, and epic battles. Between good and bad.

This is often because the antagonists in this series give the story equal parts character and fantasy whenever they appear. While the Tanner family of Full House struggled with a big house, American Dad! has always kept the series from being just an animated version of a comedy and exactly the kind of dynamic narrative for which the animation was designed.

10 Mertz

While American Dad! tries to focus on its titular patriarch, Stan Smith, the series often adopts the formula of the high school series when addressing Steve Smith and his friends. And few television shows about high school, especially those that focus on the « nerdy » group, can go too long without a consistent bully character.

That’s where Mertz comes in. Mertz is the kind of big, rebellious bully who treats his title as an art form every time he messes with Steve’s group. His greatest bullying to date involves his future self traveling back in time to trick Steve and Snot into reaching their peak too early in their teens, subsequently sabotaging their future successes and separating them for life.

9 Barry Robinson

To be fair, Barry isn’t exactly a consistent villain. For the most part, he just plays the lovable simpleton from Steve’s friendship group. He’s there to join in with some hilarious nonsense when he’s not committing to another fat joke. Despite the two-dimensional display, he’s had a couple of brilliant (albeit irredeemable) moments when he goes evil.

Every time someone takes his medicine, he reverts to being a charismatic serial killer character constantly striving to sabotage the Smiths’ happy family life, jealous that they live the ideal life that his own parents neglect him.

8 Stelio Kontos

Stelio Kontos isn’t the type of villain to explicitly conspire against the Smiths, but he’s a force of nature that rarely fails to destroy one of them when he appears. Stelio is the perfect culmination of what bullying can be. He is cold, aggressive, and often tries to be creative in the way he dispenses damage to his victims.

He takes such pride in his bullying that he has even created his own theme song that he plays in each of his appearances. His debut saw him relive his high school days with Stan, putting him through a classic bullying display on the playground. His second appearance made him a mentor to one of Steve’s new bullies when Steve foolishly tried to use the cliche strategy of pitting one bully against another.

7 The Jacuzzi

American Dad! it has had a lot of villains in one go, especially in its more fantasy-oriented episodes. However, there was something truly malevolent and singularly unnerving about the hot tub in the « Hot Water » episode. Here, Stan is tempted by a used hot tub that seeks to lead him to a sordid life while separating from his family.

The Jacuzzi, played by CeeLo Green, subtly manipulates the family and even goes into a vicious frenzy when the Smiths try to defend themselves. With the added benefit of some memorable songs, the hot tub is one of the greatest haunted gadgets out there.

6 Klaus Heissler

Klaus Heissler is rarely a villain, but like Meg Griffin from Family Guy, he plays the role of punching bag for the main cast. Although he was an Olympic skier, his fish body has made it difficult for any of the Smiths to take him seriously and even more difficult for anyone to care about his life.

This has understandably made Klaus a very demoralized and lonely character. It’s things like this that make Klaus a vindicated villain every time he delivers deserved punishment against the Smiths, such as how he stole Stan’s body, kicked the Smiths out of his own home, or beat Steve up.

5 Avery Bullock

Avery Bullock may be the deputy director of the CIA, but his interests are far from national security. As one of the most amoral and debauched characters in the entire series, Bullock is creating moral dilemmas for Stan as the family man tries to make his way through the organization or directly becomes a roadblock in his own right when on another of his sprees. of drug addicts.

Some of his worst deeds include murdering one of Francine’s friends, cheating on his wife after she escaped a kidnapping, keeping some CIA funds for himself, and constantly sending his agents on unnecessary missions, though hilarious and dangerous.

4 Stan Smith

It would make sense, like « American father » himself, that Stan Smith would often have a prominent and influential role on the show. However, to his dismay, he is not usually like the hero of the story. As a stubborn, ignorant person with historical problems, it is often Stan who creates problems for his family if he does not work directly against them.

When he couldn’t raise Steve the way he wanted, he replaced him with a clone who went crazy under his upbringing. When he tried to teach Hayley integrity, he had her blamed for ruining the village mural and then horribly disfigured. When his family gave him a good father’s day, he kept erasing his memories so they could start over. In so many words, there have been better parents.

3 Nemo

There are very few people who could get much worse than the literal anti-Christ. Introduced in « Rapture’s Delight », Nemo (at the time « Anti ») is the cosmic antithesis of the heavens that made war and chaos after the Rapture. In that episode, he played a classic squeaky villain who kidnapped and threatened Francine to get to Jesus and Stan.

Nemo would later reappear in « Season’s Beatings » but much younger as Jeff and Hayley’s adopted son Nemo. After Stan hatches a plan to get rid of him, Nemo does everything in his power to stop them, including possessing Jeff, the flooding of the Vatican catacombs, and the slaughter of the long-standing and recurring character, the Father Donovan. Rather than being assassinated here, he surrenders once again to pursue a new plan for power.

2 Santa Claus

Only a show like « American Dad, » with its long list of Christmas specials, can make Santa Claus a recurring villain. Beginning in « For Whom the Sleigh Bells Toll, » Santa Claus initially begins antagonizing the Smiths after Steve accidentally shoots him in a shopping mall parking lot. This would lead to Santa Claus making a total attack on the Smiths that would only conclude at sunset.

Later episodes of the holiday would see the family clash again with Santa Claus when they discovered his ill-defined plot for hooking children on gifts and when he tried to gain the power of the mythical century-old monster Humbaba.

1 Roger Smith

No one else in the series has been as villainous as Smith’s resident alien, Roger Smith. Whether with his basic personality or as one of his characters, Roger has concocted a variety of schemes against the Smiths. Like her basic personality, she buried Francine alive, hunted the family after her own barbecue, and stole Jeff Fischer’s skin.

Things really turn eleven when he transforms into one of his iconic characters, like when he threatened Steve and Hayley as Jeanie Gold, ruined the lives of several sweatshop workers like Martin Sugar, took on the whole city as Ricky Spanish , or even tried to sabotage his own life during his Sidney Huffman phase.