The selection disconnects in a fashionable restaurant in the capital

The Spanish coach Luis Enrique Martínez took his players and the food coaching staff to a trendy restaurant in the capital of Spain, next to Puerta de Alcalá, taking advantage of a day without training to recharge batteries and maintain the good atmosphere in the group for the round of 16 of the Eurocup. For the third time since the concentration in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas started, the Spanish team came out of the bubble to celebrate a team meal. The first two occasions were in nearby restaurants, but this Friday the bus took them to the center of Madrid to have a good time at the Aarde restaurant. The commotion was mounted in a very busy area, next to the El Retiro park, when they saw the 24 Spanish internationals get off the bus to complete the 100 meters on the way to the entrance of an African-inspired restaurant.

The players of the national team spent some fun hours in a reserved area of ​​the restaurant, where they had no contact with anyone, and in a meeting that served to carry out a different plan and get out of so many hours of concentration, on a day off granted by the coach that they can no longer enjoy with their families and friends due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Some footballers completed personified workouts in the morning before a conspiracy meal with their minds already set on the next challenge, the round of 16 to be played on Monday in Copenhagen against Croatia. They will return to training on Saturday, with the last session in Spain before traveling to Denmark on Sunday.

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