The selection begins its immunization for the Eurocup

06/11/2021 at 9:47 PM CEST


For the third day in a row, all the players gave negative in the PCR tests in the Spanish team, whose players received or finished this Friday the “full guideline“of the vaccine against Covid-19 towards immunization and Euro 2020, three days before the debut against Sweden and with the return of Diego Llorente to concentration, by chaining his fourth negative result after the positive one on Tuesday.

From 10.00 am in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas, with single-dose Janssen or PfizerDepending on the case -those who have not had the disease in the first one and those who have already overcome it in the second-, the national team staff has received the administration of the indicated vaccines by a dozen health professionals for each of them.

“The Security Unit of the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital in Madrid has been in charge of executing this action to allow Spain to dispute with full security guarantees the Eurocup that starts this Friday and does so in full equality of conditions with other participating teams, “said the Royal Spanish Football Federation in a statement on its website.

“Went well. We have had the privilege and the luck whether we have been elected or the government decided that we should be vaccinated. The questions are for the competition, for the short-term effects that they may cause us. It has been our turn right now for whatever situation it is, even if we have the game in three days, and that is knowing the short-term consequences they may have. Within the great news that has been for everyone, that let’s not have any kind of side effect for the game, “said the midfielder Thiago Alcantara, which already exceeded Covid-19 at the beginning of the season.

“We are human in a new world. It is a possibility that opens up to us, we have doubts and we have to ask them. It is a new situation for all of us and we try to collect as much information as possible. When you remove a little of those personal doubts, you enter the professional issue and the reaction that each of us may have in the short term. Then, at the football level they say that there would be no problem for this first match“, added the media center during its telematic press conference.

Already vaccinated, those summoned for Euro 2020 did not exercise this Friday and in the afternoon they had rest to return this Saturday to training in the afternoon session and already in a group for the first time all week, after having exceeded the deadlines set in the protocol and the team has already chained three consecutive days with a full of negatives from the 22 players concentrated in Las Rozas and summoned for the continental tournament, in addition to the coaching staff. The 17 players from the ‘parallel bubble’, staying in Madrid, who travel daily to Las Rozas and who trained in the morning, also tested negative.


And, since the afternoon, Luis Enrique already had defender Diego Llorente, applauded by his teammates upon arrival at the Ciudad del Fútbol residence three days after testing positive by PCR and, as a consequence, abandon the concentration last Tuesday.

Since then he has undergone four confirmation tests – two on Wednesday, one on Thursday and one this Friday – which have been negative, with which this Friday he again joined the team’s call for the European Championship. And this Saturday he will do it at training, when the team will resume work at 6:00 p.m. Before, at noon, it will offer a telematic press conference.

Just follow from down Sergio Busquets, of which the coach already guaranteed on Thursday his presence in the final list for Euro 2020 despite his positive for Covid-19 last Sunday that maintains it isolated at home, although asymptomatic and with a work plan that he is following for the continental tournament.

“With the experience he has in this competition and in the final stages, it is very important within the squad to give us that point of view in the moments of greatest pressure and difficulty. At an individual and football level, we know the quality he has, what he brings to this team and we are waiting for you with open arms here to come back and have the luck that he can be with us from day one, “Thiago wished about Busquets.

While the tests are already negative every day – they even receive the results before eating, as Luis Enrique wanted – and concern and uncertainty are reduced, all eyes are directed to the imminent debut against Sweden that awaits Spain at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville.

The goal is the maximum. “I always think we have to think that we are the best; the best football, the best offensive and defensive team as well … You have to think like this and be faithful to the work and ideas of football that we have. With that, this selection can go a long way“said Thiago. The adventure begins on Monday, seven games to regain the top nine years later.

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