The secrets of Luis Miguel and José José reunited in a new book

The secrets of Luis Miguel and José José reunited in a new book (Reformation)

The secrets of Luis Miguel and José José reunited in a new book | Reform

“The stories we never tell” will be the new work in which the journalist Martha Figueroa and René Solorio will shed light on some private details of the lives of several stars, among which would be Luis Miguel and Jose jose, as revealed.

It is a new book which would contain various anecdotes, the idea of ​​writing “The stories we never tell”Arose from a conversation in which Martha Figueroa and René Solorio kept silent for several years.

Certain moments in the lives of artists like Luis Miguel, Jenni Rivera, Jose jose and even Laura Bozzo will be approached by the confessions of both journalists who try to share a more personal look at these figures.

For experts in the field of entertainment, this would not mean uncomfortably uncovering some issues from the past.

“It is not a scandalous book”

It was not to bother, we did not want a scandalous book and surely there will be someone who is uncomfortable because ‘this had already happened and they already made people remember’, but basically they are our journalistic anecdotes that are intertwined with the lives of many artists and it is not talk for the sake of talking, “said Martha Figueroa in a recent interview.

Undoubtedly there will be many details of the famous figures that are still jealously guarded somewhere, René Solorio himself explains that many stories were left in the pipeline since at the time both he and Martha Figueroa were victims of censorship.

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He himself explains an incident that he had with the “Diva of the band”, Jenni Rivera, of whom he advanced, on one occasion refused to speak for fear that his more fragile side would be revealed.

One day she was a guest on CNN, where I worked and in fact declared that she was happy: ‘I can’t believe that I’m sitting here in front of the cameras of this channel’, but she was not so happy when she found out that I he was going to interview and asked that I not be there. Unfortunately they gave him the pleasure and I was frustrated once again, “said Solorio.

It is worth mentioning that this was one of the moments that René did not integrate into the current material, however, there is a section that would address the great fears of the “Great Lady” exposed through “What Jenni Rivera took to the grave” .

The famous woman, who in recent months would have been part of the Coaches of “La Voz México” in its second edition, was traveling with six people aboard a plane that crashed while moving from Nuevo to the State of Mexico.

Along with her were six more people, who were heading to the Monterrey city where the “diva” would offer a concert.

On the other hand, the life of the great music idol, José José, unfortunately came to an end on September 28, 2019 and just over almost a year after his departure, the controversies over the women in his life, his children and the disputes over their assets have not yet been defined.

However, without delving into this topic there will still be many unknowns during the trajectory of the so-called “Prince of the song” José Rómulo Sosa, better known as José José, who interpreted in one of his most successful songs, “My life”, a certain reflection of their strongest struggles.

As for the “Sol de México”, surrounded by mystery and various controversies, particularly with regard to Marcela Basteri, his mother whose disappearance has meant one of the great enigmas of his life, as well as many of the women and some of the most important that have paraded very close to the so-called “Sun of Mexico”, possibly many of these issues would be exposed in this new writing.

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The new work of the Aguiar publishing house is already available to the public in physical and digital format, it is expected that it will have a very good acceptance and based on that, it would be contemplated to reveal more anecdotes that are still reserved, said Figueroa.