The secret of Rosalía’s skin is hidden in the green juices she drinks

Rosalía is another of the celebrities who has fallen asleep before the charm of green juices, being on the go does not prevent her from enjoying one.

How do you blame Rosalia for drinking a green juice on any given morning while walking through Tribeca in Manhattan? The benefits of these drinks are enough, both for the body and its functions, and for the skin.

Especially now that everyone is interested in having the immune system working perfectly, the Spanish singer and songwriter has joined the fans of green juices known for their detoxifying and diuretic properties.

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For convenience on any busy day, it is much easier to drink such a juice, without straining (so that the fiber in its ingredients helps assimilate sugar and regularize digestion), instead of drinking or eating processed foods.

These benefits seem to be clear to Rosalía, because in addition to enjoying her juice, she seems to indulge in drinking it as if it were a kind of mindfulness or a meditation in which each drink or food is consumed with a fixed intention.

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The Spanish looked spectacular as always, with tousled hair, perfect skin and a very trendy bichromatic outfit; in total calm, without seeming to care that Kylie and Kriss Jenner have stopped following her on Instagram.