the second season is even better than the first

In the second season of Lupine there is a clear perception about the power of a good story in the hands of the Netflix series. In January, Omar Sy surprised audiences by embodying a modern and sophisticated version of Arsène Lupine. One who was also out for revenge and had a masterful ability to create a large-scale criminal conspiracy with elegance. The character and series became one of Netflix’s biggest hits in an especially difficult year.

Now the show is back with all of its best points resized and as a sample of narrative intelligence. The new five chapters of Lupine find a way to maintain the mysterious and frenetic core of its successful first season. As if that wasn’t enough, it also shows All possibilities that turn the character and his success story.

The program begins at the same point in which the first part ended and that notion of continuity benefits its solidity. Of course, Lupine is completely dependent on his most important character and Omar Sy is once again the center of attention. And he does it by going through unknown points in this Assane Diop powerful, sophisticated and brilliant.

This brilliant thief, who also now advances against the clock to avoid a greater disaster, is also a skilled manipulator

The plot finds its ability to analyze good and evil through a series of traps and unexpected twists and turns. In the same way that he did in his previous chapters, the great question that gravitates on history speaks of the plot skill to surprise.

And to a lesser extent, to what extent Lupine can make revenge not just an act of accomplishment. This brilliant thief, who also now advances against the clock to avoid a greater disaster, is also a skillful manipulator. So for his return, nothing is what it seems and is even more complicated, strange and unique than might be supposed.

The second part of Lupine has a striking international drama package, with exteriors of a Radiant paris and the tension turned into an essential part of the script. But it is also a display of plot resources to achieve what is perhaps his greatest achievement: do not disappoint.

After its exceptional debut, the series had a complicated commitment to maintaining the fast pace and ambiguous tone that made it such a success. How to do it after discovering his best cards and leaving Sy in the worst of situations imaginable?

Tricks, Outbursts and Stratagems: Lupine in all its glory

With as much ingenuity as its protagonist, the second part of Lupine found the ideal way to reflect again on the revenge against Hubert pellegrini (Hervé Pierre). But at the same time becoming a box of surprises with a whole renewed arsenal of Diop’s resources.

If for the last scene of the previous season Assane Diop was in an impossible dilemma, now she seems to have found a solution. It will not be easy, it will not be quick. But Diop has the ability to fight to carry it forward.

One of the highlights of the show is its ability to turn seemingly inconsequential points into real discoveries. Time and time again, the Netflix series enhances its status as a rsuspense puzzle about the dilemma of two powerful enemies in invisible fight.

A wizard’s game, a thieves’ dilemma

lupine on netflix

For its second batch of episodes, in Lupine there is an emphasis on some characters ignored in the previous season. There is also a whole array of new sets and a final stretch that pays tribute to several memorable scenes from the cinema. All in the midst of a tension that is increasing and that, without a doubt, reaches its best moments when Diop takes control of the situation.

If by the end of the first season it seemed that Assane Diop would battle against the inevitable, the second one takes the urgency off. And while of course the nitty-gritty remains how to avoid impending tragedy, they also emphasize the fact that Assane has it all under control.

So much so that one of the low points of the chapters is the insistence of the script to do it very close to infallible. Assane has all the ability and intelligence to be a character of rich nuances, but the possibility of error is missing.

The plot becomes implausible and turns into a complicated look at resources as opposed to intelligence

If for the previous chapters Diop’s ability to be in constant advantage was already amazing, for the new season the effect is even overwhelming. So at some points, the plot becomes implausible and turns into a complicated look at resources as opposed to intelligence.

As a novelty, the Netflix series includes a few context flashbacks that allow us to imagine what the upcoming and essential season three will be like. For her latest explosive chapter, Assane Diop makes it clear that the adventure has not only gotten more exciting, but dangerous.

A risky bet that the second part of Lupine manages to overcome with elegance, good taste and a whole a new Vision on its medullary center. This brilliant thief with astonishing ability and never ceasing to amaze has a lot more tricks up his sleeve. And most about to be fully exploited.

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