The second most used operating system in the world is no longer macOS

The Google Chromebooks were one of the most popular solutions among users throughout 2020, according to IDC data revealed by .. These ChromeOS computers had seen lukewarm adoption outside of the United States, but the commitment to education and business during the pandemic made it more prominent in the past year.

Thanks to that, Google’s operating system ranked second for the entire year, surpassing macOS for the first time. This is not the first time Chrome OS has reached the spot of honor. It has already known silver for some individual quarters, but the erosion of the pandemic has made it, for the first time, position itself there for a whole year.

Paradoxically, this does not mean that Apple computers have fallen in sales. The Californian company increased the macOS market share to 7.5% during 2020. In contrast, adoption of ChromeOS – the Chromebook operating system – increased from 6.4% in 2019 to 10.8% in 2020. Windows, for its part, fell from 85.4% to 80.5%.

The integration of Google applications in Chromebooks – widely used in work and education environments – could be one of the determining factors. Also the generous autonomy that these machines usually offer. But probably the biggest influence on this rise is the reduced price of various Chromebooks.

The coming months will be decisive for ChromeOS and Google Chromebooks

Google Chromebook Chrome OSImage: Unsplash.

Confinement forced us on forced marches to adopt a new form of work remotely and make use of public clouds to share documents and files with colleagues, both at work and academic level. This combination not only made us have to embrace a new digital normal. It also forced us to look to the market for computers with which to perform these tasks.

The adoption of a computer equipment according to our needs -almost urgently- to function with ease in the new adventure of teleworking without having to pay a large sum of money could be one of the determining factors in the growth of ChromeOS. The next few months will be decisive to see if this trend really continues over time.

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