The Seat Ibiza and Arona already have a date

Together with the León, the Ibiza and Arona are the most successful models of the firm of Martorell. The Ibiza has been widely known by all for decades, being a utility vehicle with a sporty aesthetic and a Latin character. For its part, the Seat Arona landed for the first time on our streets in 2017. Both share a platform and technology.

But as time flies and its latest versions have already been on the market for a few years, Seat has decided to update them. Thus, the Spanish brand confirms the date of its national presentation, which we have already noted on the calendar. The two novelties will be revealed on next Monday, April 15 at 10:00 in the morning. What do we expect from these updates?

Seat comments that “the Ibiza and Arona evolve in their exterior image and experience a revolution in the interior.” “The updating of both vehicles adds to their incredible qualities to offer even more complete products with an updated design.”

The teaser image that the car brand lets us see some important details of the exterior design of the Seat Arona, but very few of the new Ibiza. In the latter the main visible change is the new font style for template inscription, the same as the one used in the Lion.

Date Seat Ibiza and Arona restyling

Seat Ibiza and Arona restyling date

Meanwhile, of the B-SUV model we can see that it takes the features seen in the restyling of the Ateca. Thus, we stumble upon a much more muscular and changed front, especially for the bumpers and the grill. We can also highlight the new arrangement of the fog lights, with circular spotlights in a more centered position.

To this must be added in the Seat Arona the use of increased tension nerves visible on the hood, as well as the entire lower area of ​​the bumper, generating a greater sense of strength and robustness. The sporting point comes from the hand of some pipes in the lateral ends of the bumper, although we do not know if they will be functional or simply aesthetic ornaments.

Despite not having images of the rooms we expect improvements in the infotainment and connectivity section. And it is that manufacturers are investing more and more in this section. What the brand does want to make clear to us is that they will have a more intuitive handling, while they place special emphasis on having a higher perceived quality. New engines will most likely arrive, some of them with light hybridization.

The day we can test it we will check it, but in the meantime the wait will be enlivened with the digital presentation that will take place next Monday. We invite you to take a look at our tests of the Seat Arona and Seat Ibiza that are still in the market, and the León has already passed.

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