The search for survivors in Surfside continues

June 26, 2021 June 26, 2021


The US authorities maintain “the hope” of finding survivors after three days of searching through the rubble of the building that collapsed early Thursday in the city of Surfside, near Miami, Florida.

“We remain hopeful. We continue looking for survivors among the rubble, it is our priority and our teams have not stopped ”the work, said this Saturday the mayor of the county of Miami-Dade, Daniella Levine Cava, at a press conference.

Despite the efforts, he indicated that “no new victims have been found,” so there are no changes in Friday’s balance of four dead and 159 missing.

Rescue operations are particularly difficult due to a fire that broke out at the site and which firefighters are trying to control, the official said.

Florida Governor asks for an explanation “without delay” for collapse of building

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called on Friday to clarify “without delay” the causes of the collapse of a building near Miami Beach, which left at least four dead and 159 missing, including many Latin Americans.

“We need a definitive explanation of how this could have happened,” he told a news conference. “I think it is important that it be without delay,” he added, “to have answers for families and for the people of Florida.


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